• It seems like some mods affect the thieves guild questline, and the bug I encountered to block the second main quest of the guild. After completing "Taking Care Of Business", Brynjolf walks to the cistern, but doesn't speak anymore and the thieves will see the player as trespasser and attack. I couldn't really find a solution without disabling all mods, which wasn't really a good solution for me.

    So, after trying to use some console commands, I found out that it's still possible to continue with the TG Questline by starting the quest "TG02B", which directs you to Tonilia, Delvin and Vex. After I completed this, I used "player.addfac 00029da9 0" to avoid beeing seen as trespasser in the cistern. This, however, will still not allow to start Loud And Clear, as Brynjolf still doesn't talk. Using "setstage TG03 10" allows to start the next quest, Dampened Spirits, and, at least I hope so, continue with the questline. By that way, you just skip Loud and Clear, but still obtain the Armor, the ability to take small jobs and the option to sell stolen items to Tonilia.

    Did someone have the same problem and knows a better solution, hopefully without skipping the second quest?

    EDIT: I can contuniue with the questline, but Tonilia doesn't have the option to talk and therefore isn't available as Fence.

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    • I've had this problem too in fact I'm having it right now and it would be a huge help if someone could expulsion how to fix this without restarting and/or disabling all mods

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    • Honestly, this could be a mod issue, so you might have to consider getting rid of them. Try fast traveling a bunch or waiting for a few hours.

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    • Simple just restart or try reloading autosaves 

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    • never found that quest anywhere i looked, thanks for the info tg02b saved my play threw. thanks.

      Ive done many play threws with lots of mods first time ive run into this exact problem. i did the same thing setstage tg02 10-200 nothing wouldnt even give the quest had to skip it. and every one in the main guild area was hostile til tg03 no one talk still in there, except to train. but no bigdeal all the main guys talk now thanks to tg02b. should note starting tg02b didnt break the game even though im on tg04.

      Also i should note tryed: getfractionrank and setfractionrank and getrelationshiprank and setrelationshiprank (#) 3, didnt fix any thing but atleast there allys now.

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    • Ya playing with NO MODS and I just had same problem. I'm supposed to follow Bichjolf and the door is just clicking when I try to enter behind him

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