• So, there are 6 specific pieces of Dwarven Scrap that can either be used for decoration like the rest of Dwemer memorabilia, or melted down into various amounts of Dwarven Metal Ingots presumably just for smithing weapons and armor. My question being, could any of these be allocated towards another purpose? - is there any quest or NPC that might be related to these specific pieces? Any other use for the ingots? Etc...

    I'm curious because almost every other metal ore/ingot has some other ulterior purpose. The most common would be selling ore to respective mine owners, though there is obviously no known natural origin for Dwemer metal. There are also multiple miscellaneous quests, such as gathering supplies for Madesi, that require various types of ore. Then Hearthfire was released, which involved various creations requiring various ingots, seemingly leaving out any Dwemer influence (afaik). I can't help but wonder if I'm missing something...?

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    • Dwemer cogs are needed for the quest that Arniel Gane will give you.

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    • Yep - was aware of that, but cogs pointedly can't be melted down. It's the same with the Centurion Dynamo Core  - it can be used in a few recipes at the Atronach Forge.  ...but then, I'm pointedly not referring to either of those, or any of the other relatively generic pieces found throughout Dwemer ruins. I'm specifically interested in and asking about the pieces that can be melted down, and the ingots themselves.

      ...essentially, is there any reason to not immediately melt down the Dwarven Scrap into ingots (outside of decor)? - and then, is there any reason to not immediately turn the ingots into Dwarven armor and weapons?

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    • Nope, no reason at all. All of those are simply "dwarven ore", if you want to call it that.

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    • Yeah, melt 'em down. There's nothing you need them for. Even if you somehow (mods) do need them for something, it isn't as if they're hard to find, and ingots resell higher than most pieces of scrap...

      The various scraps serve two purposes: ore, obviously, and dungeon decoration. Nothing else.

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