• Lore Years and Real Life Years, what's todays year in the Elder Scrolls Lore? I've been thinking a lot and I don't really understand much about this.. I want to translate real life years into Elder Scrolls years. there doesn't seem to be any kind of translater but someone has got to have done the math for this. months, dates, and times are simple however months are not. If lined up with release date of Skyrim that would mean we'd currently be in the year 4E 204, though what I want is the actual year and I'm not too sure this is an accurate estimate. Anyone have any ideas as to what real life years translated into Elder scrolls lore years would be?

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    • Well, Nirn doesn't orbit arround the sun because it's in the center of the universe. Therefore the amount of time it takes for the sun to orbit arround Nirn is equil to a year. On average, each month on Nirn has about 30 days, same as months in real life. So presumably the years are almost equil to years in real life. Here is where it gets confusing though. Skyrim came out in the year 2011 and took place in the year 4E (fourth era) 201. So right now it would be the end of 4E 204. Oblivion took place in the year 3E 433, which was the last year before the fourth era began. So we have to go back 201 years from 2011 and subtract one to get to the time of oblivion. That puts us at the year 1809, back when the napolionic wars were going on. To get to the beginning of the third era and the conquest of Tamriel by talos, we have to go back 433 years, which puts us at 1376 in real life. Talos conquored Tamriel in 2E 896. So by subtracting 896 years from 1376 equils 481, just after the fall of rome, which is ironic because it's the fall of the Reman dynasty in TES universe. Now we come to the first era, which is by far the longest (2920 years). subtracting 2920 by 481 would get us to 1E 2439, the TES date of the (supposed) birth of christ. So the begining of the first era would be 2439 BC, which is like centuries before the pyramids were built. I'm not sure if any of these calculations are 100% correct, so just look them over if i'm wrong.

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    • Online - 1975

      Redguard - 1983

      Battlespire 1991 - 1997 Time Travling

      Shadowkey - 1992

      Arena - 1994

      Daggerfall - 1995-1996

      Battlespire 1997-1991 Time travel

      Morrowind GOTY 2002-2003

      Tribunal 2003

      Bloodmoon 2003

      Oblivion GOTY - late 2005 - 2006

      Knights of the nine -mid late 2006

      Shivering Isles - late 2006

      Post Shivering Isles/Mortal Kombat Armegeddon - 2007

      Skyrim GOTY 2011- early 2013

      Tamirel years go by very quicker than earth realm's.

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    • I don't think he means in game years, which are only a few weaks long. I think he means actual years in game, since Tamriel has a different calander.

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    • I mean if I were to look at the calendar right now what would the year be in MM/DD/YYYY like its 12/28/2014 it would be 12/28/???? in Tamriel. true it goes by quicker in game it would be too long otherwise but if it was real life time what year would if be for them.

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    • I think you are misunderstanding the question. Time is shorter in game because some quests need to start at curtain times each day. In lore Nirn's years are the same as ours.

      Skyrim - 2011

      Great War - 1981 to 1986

      events of Lord of souls and The infernal city - 1849

      Eruption of red mountain - 1825

      Oblivion - 1809

      Morrawind - 1803

      Daggerfall - 1779

      Arena - 1765 to 1775

      Talos's conquest of Tamriel - 1366 - 1376

      End of the Reman dynasty - 481

      Beginning of the first era - 2439 BC

      (Supposed) beginning of the mythic era - 4939 BC

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    • i mean like our years translated into how they write it. they write their years differently and thats what I'm trying to figure out. knowing when those takes place doesn't help if its writen hiw we write it. what is 2015 writen like ??E ??? that is what I am asking

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    • The era's don't seem to be a set amount of time the first era lasted almost three thousand years the second era was almost a thousand and the third didn't last even five hundred before the fourth started. The era's seem to change because of events not because of time so to change our date to theirs you'd have pick historical points that would move the era forward (i think).

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    • in the end i guess I'll have to wait for the next game to find out what era it is right now.

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    • As in TES we have our own "eras" too.

      The last turning of Era we had was on the French Revolution (1789). The last one they had untill now was the Oblivion Crisis (3E 433), so it's been 201 years past that.

      Following that logic, we would be in 4E 227, as it's been 227 years past that, and after pre-historic age there were 4 ages: Ancient (4000BC-478AD) Medieval (478AD-1453AD) Modern (1453AD-1789AD) and Contemporaneous (1789AD-Today).

      Sorry if I mistyped something.

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    • You could write an an "Era" as every thousand years our time or ever hundred depending on preference. 

      Examples: 2E 19 (2019) - OR - 20E 19 (2019)

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    • Eras dont have a specific ammount of time

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