• On the Xbox 360 version, I was partaking of the Contract: Kill Narfi Quest for the Dark Brotherhood.  I decided that my preferred method of killing for the Brotherhood missions would be to plant a poison in my target's inventory and let the pickpocket perk Poisoned do my dirty work.  When I had a poison strong enough to kill him in one go, I decided to err on the side of caution and paralyze him first.  As he started to rise (I paralyzed him with the Alteration spell when he was sitting on the bench in the shack) I planted the poison.  It killed him, but he still stood up.  It allowed me to loot his corpse, but his body was still swaying as if he was alive.  Kinda creepy.  Anyone else have that same bug encountered on any system?

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    • Jesus Christ! I used to play on Xbox 360 and I never had that problem.

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