• When I was fighting Rigel Strong-Arms, her health was almost gone, she was on the floor and I delivered the final blow. When she was still moving, I hit her a few more times only to get the spurts of blood you get when hitting a corpse. She got up, her weapon gone, and stood facing the wall with her fists up, moving in place like she was still alive. She didn't fight or walk around or anything - she just stood there, and targeting her gave me the option to search her like she was dead. I carried on to her treasure room, looted it, and came back out, but I was rushing and the glitch had slipped my mind, so I didn't notice whether or not she was still standing there when I came back out.

    This is my first time encountering any sort of bug (beyond the edges of object glitching into walls or shelves, or shoving my head through a wall for a second, anyway), so has anyone else encountered one like this?

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    • Yes.  In a random fight somewhere, someone got up after a Fus Ro Dah who was dead.  He walked, but I could loot him.  It's happened maybe three times total to me... I just kinda laugh.

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