• I'm currently playing a Bosmer and joined the Companions. I did a job for them - Aela instructed me to go kill a wolf that had gotten into Sven's house in Riverwood. That was cool. Good job for a Bosmer! I headed back to Jorvaskr and got paid for my efforts and surprisingly was told my time had come. The Companions must have been impressed with how quickly I dispatched that Wolf because they asked me to recover a fragment of something called Wuuthrad. I asked Farkas what a Wuuthrad was and he told me that it was an axe some old Nord guy used to kill all the elves in Skyrim, except Farkas lamented that Ysgramor didn't kill them all because some elves were still around.

    My Bosmer suddenly swallowed nervously and looked around, realizing she was surrounded by Nords. The Companions did have a Dunmer member, but the rest of the Companions seemed to treat him like a doormat; in fact some rude Nord woman kicked the crap out of him the first time I walked into Jorvaskr.


    I mean, there's no way the Companions would let an elf be their Harbinger, right? That would be like the KKK putting Malcom X in charge.

    Have any of your Dragonborn been an elven Harbinger? How do you justify such a thing? I'm curious what other people think.

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    • Henantier the Outsider was the first elf to become a harbnger. When he was made the harbinger many members of the order left. The remaining were cool about it. This may have had a huge impact on how elves were treated within the companions. Its still wierd when you let a high elf who came out of nowhere wield Wuuthrad and become the harbinger within a week.

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    • Athis the Dunmer Companion does say Skjor once quoted what Cirroc said when he passed the title of Harbinger to Henantier the Outsider to him. The rude Nord woman Njada Stonearm is just that, rude and not just to Mer. Brawling is pretty popular in Skyrim it doesn't necessary mean Athis was being picked on.

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    • Athis = Njada

      Both are rude arrogant a**holes!

      Also it's stupid how there isn't an option to brush off Farkas about his insult towards u. The only thing u can do about it is to enact revenge on him when u finish the whole questline by taking him to Boeathiah or just plain kill him or cast fury on him so that the other npc(s) finish him off.

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