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    I hate the helmet for this set. First, I don't like for my female followers faces to be covered up. Second, the helmet just looks heavy and complicated. Does anyone besides me remember the old D&D figure sets from like the early 80's ? There was a really cool figure, made by Ral Partha, I think, which was a Nordic Hero with a great axe and a winged helmet. The helmet was rounded or slightly conical, with a nose piece, and these really cool gigantic wings. Thing looked damn heroic to me ! The wings looked more like real wings and less like heavy steel appertenances- why add to the weight of an already heavy set of armor anyway ? I always sell the helmet off when I find one and never let my followers have them because I hate them so much.

    Are there any mods which have cool armor like what I am describing ? I'm thinking of shifting from ps3 to pc and doing some light modding, mainly for immersive roleplaying, not powergaming...

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    • 80's D&D... all i can think of now is this.

      I really like the steel plate (kind of neutral on the helm) but like you never give female followers helmets, i just switched from PS3 to PC a month or so ago and right now i have the Immersive Armors pack there's a picture of what it add's here but my followers right now are archers and spellswords so all the single armor mods i have are like this. If you want to do some lite browsing here's a link to the Nexus armor catagory in the order of most endorsed.

      Your description of the armor makes me think of Tiber Septim.

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    • Thanks, I will check those out. I just looked at some of those figures on eBay and the wings stuck out kinda sideways, but you could bend them... anyway, oddly, there is also some kind of creature head sticking up from the crown of the helmet, which was reminiscent of the Skyforge. Now we are talking !

      And: what ever happened to the Steel Plate Shield, which was to have gone with the set ? I don't really like the 'Steel Shield'. If it is gonna cost so much, then it ought to have better detailing. I kind of like the Banded Iron one better, for that reason.

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    • If you like Nordic shields MECRs Classic Nord Shields is great i use the slightly older version as the hold guard bucklers in the newest version have a odd flicker (for me anyway) and i think Imersive Armor has its own similar pack of shields built in (or it's in Immersive Weapons). No idea why there's no plate shield a but yeah i actually really like the banded iron set, there is a mod for A Steel Heater Shield.

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    • The helmet does look pretty ugly, I didn't spend 40 minutes in character creation just to cover up my face.

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    • I'm never really happy with my male character so i always wear a hood (and it goes better with my Battlemage than a helm). Seeing as theres so many mods here already i'll mention another one called Improved closefaced helmets that opens the gaps and eye holes so you can see inside.

      There is a retexture of the steel plate armor called SPOA Silver Knight Armor that looks really nice.

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    • For some reason the chestplate has 100 defence? I can get a picture.

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