• Every time I go to the north part of the island my game just crashes. There is a bridge northwest(i think) of the skaal village, when i pass it it crashes. I can't do any quests in that part of the island (like the stalhrim one) without console commands. the only dragonborn-realted mods i have are the unofficial patch and a crossbow mod, i don't think it could be causing it though since alot of people have the patch. any ideas on fixing will be greatly appreciated

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    • Check your load order or use the program LOOT it will sort your mods and let you know of any issues, also try turning you graphics settings down Dragonborn is more of a strain on your systems memory than the base game (and the high res texture dlc also adds to that).

      Changing the ugrid settings in the ini file can make Solstheim cause many ctd's (again from memory issues probably).

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    • does the hi res texture pack from the nexus add to that? because I have it as well

      by the way what is ugrid

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    • If its the Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized with the unofficial patch for it that may not be as bad but any increased texture size will take up more memory, ugrids are basicly the messure for how far away from you the game will load terain (not a good idea to mess with them).

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