• My compass shows a Landmark (shiels shape) that leads me to the top of the mountain behind Saering's Watch. The only problem being that I cannot seem to get to it... Normally, the Dragonborn is quite the billy goat; but in this case, it seems that i cannot climb the final part of the mountain. Thus i cannot "discover" the location, nor can I give it a name here. I simply know that it is there, or I think I do... I became aware of it when flying around on the dragon that spawns at Saering's Watch. But, I cannot get the dragon to fly close enough to "discover" it either. Now, it is posible that there is something lower on the ground or even under it too. I simply do not know. I have done an extensive search of the entire area, and have found nothing.

    Thus I am asking the all knowing and all wise members here to tell me if they know. As a console player I cannot simply "bamf" my way up there to find out whats beyond the "invisable wall" around the mountain top. But, I am more than okay with Azuraknight doing so :)

    As always, thank you very much,

    Nomar, the Nomarian

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