• If you choose to kill Ralis at the conclusion of the quest using the ebony blade , does that count as a charge for the blade ? I'm asking because it works in a similar way with quests like Pieces Of The Past and Waking Nighmare. I know it is possible to spare him , and then attack him , thus securing the charge , but i want to choose this path for roleplaying purposes if possible .

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    • Save and try, then reload if it doesn't work.

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    • I think Ralis would then count as you completed a quest for him but there doesn't seem to a complete list so can't really say for sure.

      If your on the PC you can find out the actual relationship level by opening up the console and clicking on the npc (that will give you the id code you need top middle of the console) then using the command -

      player.getrelationshiprank idcodehere

      That will show you the actual number and if its one or above they should count for leveling the blade, you can also tell with the npc's dialog i'm not sure what it is for Dunmer but if its friendly sounding they should count.

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