• I'm just wondering, Is there any mods out there that anyone knows of that rebuilds the chantry,(E.g. removing ice from certain parts, fixing the walls,etc,etc) as it would be nice to see it in its former glory.


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    • Not that i can find for the chantry the closest thing is a house mod thats uses a lot of the assets called Ancient Refuge Snow Elf House if you want to try it you'll also need this patch for your followers sake (no navmesh in the original mod).

      There was a request for one on the Nexus forums but that was last posted on over a year ago.

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    • There's one in progress right now, but the mod author is in the middle of moving all of their files to a more stable rig, so it may be a couple months. I think it's called "Chantry of Auriel Rebuilt." The file is hidden right now because it's still in progress, but I've seen the WIP screenshots and it looks pretty great!

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