• playing on pc here, no civil war mods. completed the civil war as stormcloak, and just after talking to galmar (reporting in guy) and getting the mission to take solitude, (receive orders from ulfric) bolgeir bearclaw comes to me and follows me from there on, during, and even after the battle and stormcloaks are victorious. fast traveled, waited, tried to kill him, etc. can't interact, he speaks but no dialogue choices, and it's annoying. console command maybe? thanks guys.

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    • You could try taking him back to where he came from then resetting him with the commands -

      prid 000198C3


      Or as a last resort to remove the essential tag it should be -

      setessential 00013264 0

      But he can be picked as the target of at least two radiant quests (possibly even if he's dead).

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