• I built the house, but now I want to change the Enchanter's Tower to a Greenhouse. Is there any way to do this? I don't have any previous saves, sadly. So I guess there's nothing I can do?

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    • Not safely you could remove the dlc which will remove the house entirely and everything in the house but that will probably cause a lot of bugs. On a PC if you use the command -

      sqv byohhousepale

      That should show some id's for the house i tried it but got no ids for the wings but i didn't have the quest if you can find the id's though you might be able use commands to disable the tower and enable the greenhouse, i would make a new save if you try it just to have a save to go back to if it causes problems after.

      Personally though i wouldn't run the risk of making the already sometimes buggy dlc possibly even worse.

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    • You could go to the drafting table and remodel your house into the smaller house but this will get rid of the main hall and the three wings so you would have  to redo most of the house 

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    • I can't quite remember but i believe at the drafting table, you have the three choices for each wing of the house. If i remember correctly, you can remove the unwanted extension and replace it with another one. If not i would go with what Hjalti Ice-Eyes87 said. :P

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