• dose anyone know the strongest shout i need to know

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    • It depends on how you use the Shouts  and what you use it for...

      Ice Form  is a really effective shout because it encases the enemies in ice which paralyzes them for a few seconds and damages their health and stamina...

      Marked for Death  shout decreases the armor rating of the enemy significantly but it technically doesn't damage the enemy on it's own...

      Soul Tear  does the most damage IMO but I cant really be sure...

      Storm Call  might actually be the most powerful one but it randomly hits NPCs around you. You can't really control what it would hit...

      Dragon Aspect in essence makes your power attacks more powerful, raises your resistance to spells and makes your shouts stronger etc.

      Call Dragon is also a powerful shout because it summons a dragon to fight for you but it is not an instant effect type of Shout... The dragon has to fight the enemies and it could be a slow process.

      Bend Will  actually turns your enemies into allies but it does not damage an NPC in anyway.

      Slow Time is very effective because your enemies will become much slower while you can shoot at them with significantly more amount of arrows / spells while the effect lasts..

      What you would call the "strongest shout" really depends on your situation and enemy and how you use the shout etc. You can't just pick one shout and say it is the strongest.

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    • This is a question without an answer, because there is no such thing as a "strongest" shout. Every shout has drastically different effects suitable for different situations. It's hard to even say whether there is such a thing as a "most useful" shout, since depending on your playstyle you may find more use out of one over another.

      Soul Tear is a personal favorite of mine - it dishes out 300 damage, and if the target dies, it also soul traps them and reanimates their body to serve you for 60 seconds. Not sure if you can call it the "strongest" shout, but it's definitely one of the coolest.

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    • Zii los dii du is the strongest shout it has 4 words

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    • what about that black book power that freezes the target then use storm call?

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    • I personally like unrelenting push(if it complete) and if you choose the abality to enhance the push from a black book you can incinigrate them with the push it’s pretty sick

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