• Am i the only one who finds it weird that the imperials have their own , specific , swords and bows , and even multiple variants for their armors , while the stormcloaks only have a cuirass and the officer set to show for , and for the rest they stick with steel swords , and even hunting bows , as well as scaled helmets and fur shoes and gloves ? Why didn't Bethesda give the stormcloaks some more love ?

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    • Well I guess since stormcloaks represent natives (or nationalsts sort of) of Skyrim its implied that most weapons and armor (at least low grade) are made with their techniques and doesnt deserve a special name whereas Imperials have foreign armor and weapons.

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    • They have the Stormcloak Officer Armor like you said but the Imperial Legion has been around for a very very long time and the Stormcloaks haven't, the Legion is (or was at least) a massive well funded and equipped army of a whole empire and the Stormcloaks are rebels from parts of Skyrim. Thats probably why their rank and file troops use the same equipment as the Eastmarch Hold Guard that protect Ulfric's Hold and most of the troops might have been guards as Ulfric must have had a form of small army before the actual Stormcloaks.

      Some unique Nord axe or hammer (or combination) would have been nice though.

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