• Assuming the theories of Talos antling lorkhan are true due to him being a combination of many shezarrines.

    Culd it be possible that the same could happen for the last dragonborn.

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    • Talos is a very special case. It is true that he mantled Lorkhan, but that is because he followed in his foot steps. The LDB, while a Shezarrine, did not follow in anyone's foot steps. The is no mantling done by the LDB. Follow the history of Talos and you can see how he is the most special, unique, and most powerful being in the entire Aurbis. He lead a great army of Man against the mer. He had a plan to stabalize Nirn. He gave himself to the divinity of Nirn and stabalized Mundus. There's also evidence that he followed most, if not all, of the Walking Ways.

      1. Prolix: He talked a lot. There's more to this elsewhere. I won't go into detail.

      2. Endevour: Some people say he followed this. Personally I don't it.

      3. Numiudium (a.k.a. soul stacking): Daggerfall anyone? He devinitely walked this Way.

      4. Enantiomorph: I hope I don't have to explain this one.

      5. CHIM: Nor this one.

      6: Scarab that Transforms into the New Man (a.k.a incarnation): He was a Dragonborn Shezarrine. Pretty much self explanitory.

      The LDB on the other hand is a Prisoner. He has the ability to forge his own destiny, and does so by the player doing whatever he feels like. Never in any of the stories does he mantle. He walk the Sixth, but that's very likely it. 

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