• Had a hard time reading the scrolls. Used a forced method of reading the scrolls to continue. When the moths circle around me, I cannot seem to remove them. I've played the rest of the game with them around me but it has been annoying ever since. 

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    • You probably could have reloaded an earlier save during that mission, to see if the glitch would happen again. But I guess you're well beyond that point.

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    • Oh way past that. Now I am left wondering if I can just change characters to get rid of it. Would rather not lose any of my points and loot this point Im considering starting frustrating. Why am I the only one with this issue?

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    • First off, how did you have trouble reading the Elder Scrolls? Please elaborate if you will.

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    • Oh my gosh! I finally found it! It was resolved a long time ago but I couldnt find the correct way to research it.

      Here is the fix:

      1. Navigate to

      2. Find the picture of the Moth Aura Remover, download the .zip file and extract it to your desktop. Inside are two files: a "mothfix.esp" and a folder named "SCRIPTS".

      3. Open your ".../Skyrim/Data/" folder.

      4. Move the downloaded scripts folder into your DATA folder and leave the "mothfix.esp" file in the DATA folder.

      5. Open the game and you should see that the aura is gone. It worked for me!

      6. Game On!

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    • Props to you for taking initiative.

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    • He had the same problem as me. The "hard time" reading the scrolls dates back a while... Ever since you were in the Soul Cairn and Valercia WOULD NOT move when it said to follow her.  So you force the scroll and force the end of the quest in the comand line.

      Then once you get to the moth portion, you stand in the light and try to read it but it wont be in your inventory since you never actually followed Valercia to get it.  So you have to force the end of that one too.  Then the moths are just stuck around you... It sucks. 

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