• So, I just had an idea. I want to build a new character as a DRAGON PRIEST. Yes. You heard me. A Dragon Priest. I figure Nord for the race, right? But what armor and what about the mask? I need suggestions for designing the character. Also, suggestions for a name.

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    • Maybe the Cultist's gear with Konahrik, but it takes a while to get the mask and it would be a weird mix of clothes with heavy and light armor too (probably look good though). The Archmage's Robes with Morokei or Vokun might look pretty good (there is the invisible head glitch though) and they have some good enchantments if you want to stick to a priest being a mage.

      If your on the PC the mod Konahriks Accoutrements lets you make your own Dragon Priest equipment.

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    • Unfortunately, I have no DLCs and I am on the xbox 360.

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