• For some time now my conjuring has been on level 10 and every time i use a any sort of conjuring spell for a while it would level up. Every time I try, it wont level up so HELP plz.

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    • There are some tips on the wiki page here, but won't you get experience for casting a lot of the spells without being in actual combat.

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    • I have done it in actual combat but it will not level up

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    • If you haven't try using a bound weapon and the strongest summoned creature you can get in a few fights and check the skill progress.

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    • okay ill try it tomorrow

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    • If you're trying to level it through summoning creatures or weapons, you need to be in combat or near hostile NPCs to level it, also conjuring equipment tends to be slowish for leveling conjuration from memory.

      Fastest way I know of is to Soul Trap a corpse repeatedly.

      If your game is bugged you can try using a trainer or a book to force a level up, which should reset some values that may be causing it.

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    • Yeah, the Soul Trap corpse method, I believe is the quickest and no hassle way to level Conjuration. It's a very long and arduous process. It's also good since you only have to Soul Trap a corpse, and you won't have to be in combat. Combat reduces Magicka regen drastically.

      - Buy and obtain Soul Trap spell

      - Find ways to increase Magicka regen, Arch-Mage Robes, Morokei, Apprentice stone etc. Although you'll want to have the Mage Stone active to speed up the process

      - Find a corpse. Any corpse

      - Start Soul trapping the corpse

      - Have fun (Sarcasm). It'll be really boring...

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    • Also resting bonus, and cast with both hands (without the dual casting perk).

      Cost reduction is better than magic regen. If you need magic you can wait an hour or two to get it back to full or use Equilibrium.

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    • Yes. If the OP hasn't already, be sure to unlock the "Apprentice Conjuration" perk in the Conjuration tree. It'll cut down the magicka cost for Soul trapping by half. And whatever enchanted items you have that reduce the magic cost for casting Conjuration spells, be sure to wear them too.

      Also, if you have not already, you can try doing the side-quest for Drevis Neloren. The side quest which involves purifying the focal points in and around the college using the Mystic Gloves. But in order to receive the desired effects, (Limitless Magicka Regen), you'll have to be a fairly high Character level. Say, over level 28+. Any lower, and you might just get some soul gems.

      If all goes well, and you do this quest a high level, like I've already said, you character will temporarily experience near unlimited magicka. It'll last for two real life hours, which is more than enough time level up Conjuration to 100.

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    • I recommend using two bound sword after summoning something and when the enemy is low enough on health soul trap

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    • why does it say reply to something, is due to the fact i put div on each part

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    • No i don't think so but some parts of the wiki has been a bit buggy for over a week, sure you didn't click the reply button though?
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    • The fastest way I've done it was to be a High Elf to use the Highborn power (much faster magica regen for 60 seconds), have mage robes (Adept or Apprentice are the best you'll be able to find at low level), the Mage Stone active for 20% faster leveling of Mage-type attacks, and a combination of a Banish spell with a Flame Atronach or Familiar (not Flaming Familiar, which needs a very high-level spell to banish the creature) to summon the creature in one hand, and a Banish spell in the other to banish the creature as soon as its summoned. Can be used to level up Conjuration quickly, even out of combat. One can also, instead of finding both spells, just get your hands on the Soul Trap spell, kill an enemy (doesn't matter how powerful, but Dragons won't work, for obvious reasons) and then stand over their corpse and repeatedly cast Soul Trap at the dead enemy. Works even faster if both the Mage Stone is used and Lover's Comfort (from being married and sleeping in the spouse's house) or Well Rested from sleeping in your own bed.

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    • One of the fastest ways to level Conjuration is to to the following:

      Standing Stone: Mage Stone - To level Conjuration, and all mage skills 20% faster

      Armour or Clothing Enchantment: Fortify Conjuration - To reduce the cost of Soul Trap to almost nothing


      -Play as a High Elf for the extra +50 Magicka and Highborn to regenerate Magicka very quickly

      -Magicka potions to quickly restore it if need be

      What to do:

      Find a corpse or living enemy that you can cast Soul Trap on, and do it non-stop until you reach 100.

      If you get bored:

      Do something else like drawing, your smartphone, playing with your pet, reading, chatting with others, or anything you would consider enjoyable but does not interrupt your Conjuration training.

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    • I just use Bound Weapons ¬†instead of normal weapons and my conjuration went up form 20 to 45 in the time it took me to clear one dungeon!

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    • The best way is to use the glitch from the college of winter holds cleansing rituals I always get my conjugation up too 100 in about an hour using this an d only soul trapping corpses

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    • Soul Trap on corpse does not work in Special Edition.

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