• No other faster way to fill the energy of the arc with soul stones, a shortcut that is not the inventory?

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    • What do you mean?

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    • If you mean a faster way to recharge weapons i don't think so except for mods that refill weapons automatically, there is the enchanting perk soul siphon but that only gives a weapon five percent of a killed creatures soul (only creatures).

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    • I'm late but what I do to recharge weapons as fast as possible is(step by step):

      Step 1:Have only azura' star s as my only soul gem in my inventory

      (This way i know to which gem the soul will go and also i don't need to rebind when i use my gem)

      Step 2:Bind Azura's star to a hotkey

      (Go into inventory,hold a desired number button and click on azura's star)

      Step 3:When you soul trap the soul will go directly to azura's star and you then press the hotkey you assigned it to.

      Step 4:Choose the weapon you want to charge with the soul.

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