• Okay, so I play on 360, and I have already completed the main story questline and I am currently stuck on the New Order quest. I recruited the woman (whose name escapes me) and I now need to recruit Gunmar, however, I cannot do so: When I recruited the woman, her marker showed her location on the map, and that's nice and dandy, but Gunmar's marker will not appear, and when turning off all other quests and using the Clairvoyance spell to lead me to Gunmar as the current goal, it takes me to the ice fields northeast of Windhelm, near where the Fast Travel marker is for Solstheim on the Map. After following the spell through the ice field, it just stops at a certain point and gives me a message similar to something like "No direct path found" or "No direct path available". I have a feeling that I might need to uninstall and re-install the Dawnguard DLC, but I am worried that it might end up screwing up my character since she has the blood of a werewolf, as well as having other DLC items in the inventory.... Any ideas on fixes/ anybody know what's up with it????

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