• My reading comprehension fails me big time so I had to ask. Did she regret that she cheated with Symmachus? There was a phrase that implied that she wanted the Nightingale to be punished. But then later she would spend her days with him. But I am also under the impression that while she was enjoying her time with The Nightingale, she also wanted the staff? Damn woman, sucks to be her husband lol.

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    • She loves Symmachus and indeed regrets the incident with the nightingale, although she does like the nightingale, not sure if loves him. Anyways, loving him or not, she surely does hate him and seeks revenge (it's not actually impossible to love and hate someone) She uses this liking she has for him to decieve him to bring about his end in the events of the first games: elder scrolls: arena.

      Not sure if you'll ever see this as you posted exactly one year ago.

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