• Hey there, Skyrim brother and sisters. :]

    I'm playing Skyrim for the third time and recently finished the main questline. I am in the Stormcloak Rebellion (by accident, ugh) and finished this as well. I've done all guilts, except the Dark Brotherhood and I use mods, which I will list later. Oh and I'm in level 37, with all three DLCs.

    All good, so far; I read the book, the quests begings and I get the blade and all. I have hired two times the mercenary from Riften and one another from Whiterun, but no one uses the Pilar of Sacrifice. All say "Okay, got it" or "Will do" and just stand there. I tried killing them and they din't even die.

    I even tried to restart the quest, using console commands, because I read that it can be the very last chance to make it work. I can't load an old save cause I've done far too many things to lose them. But I need the Ebony Mail. :/

    I use the following mods: (In case this is the problem)

    Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
    Baby Dragons.esp
    RealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.esp
    RealisticWaterTwo - Dawnguard.esp
    RealisticWaterTwo - Dragonborn.esp
    RealisticWaterTwo - Waves.esp
    RealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Dawnguard.esp
    LeftHandRings - Dawnguard.esp
    Hebrock_Der Schatten von Meresis - EV.esp
    Solstheim - The Lost Levels.esp
    Shor's Stone.esp
    Dovah Vault.esp
    better hunting prices.esp
    BHTNF.esp BarenziahQuestMarkers.esp

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    • If you have the dlc and the first unofficial patch you should really the have the other unofficial patches for the dlc's too (or the combined patch if no mods rely on the single version), and maybe LOOT to automatically sort out your mods load order and check for any conflicts.

      If you've change the controls try putting them back to default it can mess up things like giving followers orders, also put away your weapons before trying to use the pillar. But make sure the follower your trying to sacrifice isn't essential and can actually be killed (espesially it you tried to but couldn't kill them yourself). You can remove the protection and make any npc killable (careful with quest npc's though) with the command -

      setessential baseid 0

      The npc's base id (to replace baseid with) will be listed on their wiki page. Even on PC having a save to back to is very useful though.

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    • Hm, I did the great sacrifice and loaded an old save, so I discovered I was infevted by vampirism. I think this was the reason why I couldn't do it, but I'm not sure.

      I tried the command, but the mercenary I had was not a NPC character after all. Now, I will download LOOT and I'm already installing the unnoficial patch -hoping to fix some other things like the never appearing child's room option in house purchase- and I will let you know.

      Thank you anyway, AzuraKnight, your advice was really helpful. :)

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    • Well, I cured vampirism, updated the unofficial patch, used LOOT and did everything said and still, the followers don't die. I really don't know what the problem is, so I guessed I'll never get the ebony Mail and finish the quest. :(

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    • Like i said if the person your trying to sacrifice is essential it won't work as they can't be actually killed, followers from mods (or normal followers affected) by mods may be essential. If absolutely nothing lets you sacrifice someone you could try skipping past all parts involving the sacrifice with the command -

      setstage DA02 20

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    • Thanks for the command code Azura!

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    • Maybe a but late for this, but I tried to do this quest before level 30 and now its glitched, regardless, when you tell them to use it make sure you put your weapons or magic away or else they just stand there. When I put my swords away and told them to use it, they used it, and when I had swords out and told them they just stood there. Idk if it just is a thing for me but for anyone in the future having the problem be sure to be sure of that. And ye.

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