• Does anybody have the ID's for Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers?

    I'm not talking about the 0008DE5D or 00047CBA (Helgen) Imperial soldiers, nor the 000467BB (Helgen) Stormcloak soldiers, I mean the actual soldiers, the ones you also fight during the civil war.

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    • Theres quite a few use the help command (with the speech marks as it's two words) -

      help "imperial soldier"

      help "stormcloak soldier"

      To view them all (use page up and page down to scroll though the lists), and ignore the ones starting with FF.

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    • AzuraKnight wrote:
      Theres quite a few use the help command (with the speech marks as it's two words)...

      Is there a reason why certain Stormcloaks or Imperials don't trigger combat when they are spawned?

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    • Probably depends on what situation their meant for i guess.

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    • Imperials are kinda better then stormcloaks and i like the both sides and i like the armor but the damn imperials banned the damn worship of talos that dosent bother me as much but you cant wear imperial armor in some citys like windhelm or markarth or rebel camps so thats why imperials are kinda better

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    • In Rigmor of Cyrodiil(Skyrim mod), Yngol Stormblade general stormcloack in Falkreath help remain Imperial in Cyrodill because help family in Bruma fights againts New Imperial and Akaviri Remain/ Undead Akaviri. Thalmor(not Yelawiin side) in Cyrodiil also help stormcloack too fighting defends in Bruma if they(stromcloack) can success across border New Imperial post. Because Molag Serithius try destroy everything in Cyrodiil, because High King Mede II gone misterious?!

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    • If Ambriel Septim(Forgotten Cassynder sister) joined maybe, she want finished in invasion whiterun and season unending. Don't worry, she not want become empress again because she have demand replacer in Cyrodiil, freedom, and stromcloack side. First, must free her from dark brotherhood nightmare and she try help stormcloack.

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