• Hello, first I'd like to say that I killed Helvard (or something like that) for the DB and that I'm on ps3. Here is my question¬†:

    I'd like to side with the imperials so if I give Falkreath to the Stomcloaks in Season Unending, will I be able to buy the land from Dengeir?

    I don't even understand why Siddgeir is suddenly pissed, nobody was in the room when I murder his bodyguard and even after that, he was polite with me everytime I was passing by ...

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    • Ok, I just wanted to say I had my problem solved by doing radiant quest not directly linked with Falkreath (retrieve Song of the Alchemists for Lami did it)¬†: it unlocked the part where Siddgeir wants some alcohol.

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    • If you want to buy the land, then you have to retake the hold back with the Imperials. It doesn't let you buy the land from the "enemy". You aren't able to buy it from Dengeir of Stuhn If you side with The Empire.

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    • Actually it worked as I said (I'm the one posting this question), my problem was probably that I had too many side-quests in "other" so I was lucky.

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