• I've just finished the Black Book quest "The Sallow Regent" and things are starting  get very hazy.  Literally.  My character's sight is becoming blurred, just like when you see the cut-scene when you kill someone, and it is getting hard to see as everything is now so dark.

    It's nothing to do with game settings or my monitor.  I loaded an older save and there I can see perfectly.

    Has anyone any idea what is going on? Or am I, like Frodo, turning into a wraith?

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    • Can't see any bugs with that. I remember something like that one time, but it's been a few years. The only way to fix it for me was to reload a save.

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    • Alteration spell candlelight

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    • Something like that happened to me but instead of going blind there was the constant static or hissing sound that would become quieter when I zoomed out into the third person. It never stopped and it happened right after completing the Black Book. It's not too annoying, I can still hear everything else like the music and voices, just this hissing sound like when you enter the dark areas that drain your health in the Black Book.

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    • it's related to the book's global effect so you have to go back into the book and do some stuff from there to fix it -- the blurring and hissing happens inside the book when you're standing in darkness.

      sorry for necroposting

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