• i killed the crim and i can complete the quest!

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    • Have you tried the solution that was posted on the Escaped Criminal bugs section? Here is the excerpt of what can be done to move the quest along:

      From bugs section

      • There's a chance that the criminal will have no marker. Sometimes the quest can even move into the completed tab without having finished any of the quest objectives. This makes completing the quest and attempting to receive additional Companion quests impossible even if you happen to find and kill the criminal.
      • On PC, console commands to change the state of this quest have no effect.
      • This can be bypassed through console commands, by accepting and completing one of the other companion radiant quests. The following commands will assign "Animal Extermination" as a new quest and complete it. Afterwards, you can accept new radiant quests from the companion leaders.
      • setstage cr01 10
      • setstage cr01 20
      • setstage cr01 100
      • In case this does't work, try using cr02 instead of cr01. In addition it may happen that you can only get a quest from Aela after using this bypass. Completing the Quest from Aela (in my case: Totems of Hircine) seemed to reset the other quests, so I can now again take quests from the other leaders, including Vilkas.
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    • I tried the solution above and that quest also won't complete

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    • A FANDOM user
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