• Hello everyone.

    I've imported the attribute icons from Legends to our wiki, as found on the official site. The official images are cut out in white as the background colour of the site is white itself. I assume this is to create the illusion of having some kind of icon punched through the circle. I uploaded a second set of icons, this time I coloured them after our site background colour.

    I want to discuss if we should adopt this cut-out behaviour on this wiki or should stay to the default white icon fill.

    Icon legends strength Icon legends agility Icon legends endurance Icon legends intelligence Icon legends willpower

    Note that in article context it would look much and much smaller:

    This made up Argonian card is a Icon legends strength strength based card.

    This made up Argonian card is a strength based card.

    What icon theme do you prefer?

    The poll was created at 19:45 on May 12, 2016, and so far 21 people voted.

    Let me know in this poll and in the comments below.

    Edit:cleared out unused icons

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    • Maybe I should add a 3rd option or replace the first option with this: Using our text colour instead of bright white. That should soften things up a bit.

      Edit: Icon legends intelligence Icon legends intelligence soft

      Edit 2: removed unused file

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    • I don't know how many of these votes were based on making it look as close to the official icon as possible, but I can now confirm the dark theme is the official one. If 'going official' is the biggest motivation of everyone, we might want to consider redoing the poll.

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