• When talking to Nazir, the option to ask him about new contracts is not there. The last one I have completed for him is the contract to kill Agnis. I have since completed Hail Sithis! so the DB questline is done; so from immediately after I turned in the Agnis contract to the end of the DB questline he has not had the option to get any of the remaining contracts from him. Is there anything I can do? (I'm on 360)

    Thanks in advance

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    • Pretty similar thread here. Sometimes it's a little buggy when the questline is over. Did you verify if Helvard is still alive? Falkreath is dangerous, dragons oftenly come and burn the inhabitants and if you have DLCs, vampires and Miraak's guys can come too.

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    • Helvard is alive. I can't say if Maluril is alive or not; I don't think he spawns unless you receive the contract from Nazir, but I did go through Mzinchaleft to get Grimsever and saw that his note to the bandits on the table outside of the entrance, and his journal in his "room" within the ruins were there. 

      Also, I'm not sure about this, but from some of the things I've read about Nazir's contracts, it seems that if any of them had been killed prior to receiving the contract that it would just progress to the next available contract that he gives you, not break the quest-line of it. If that is true, then even if Helvard and/or Maluril were somehow killed already earlier in the game, shouldn't he just give me the next contract (which would be the contract to kill Safia)? 

      Also, I did see that other thread you linked. While it is somewhat similar, the issue in my game is that he won't even give me the contract to kill Helvard or Maluril; an issue that has been present from when I turned in the contract to kill Agnis (which I completed before killing Vittoria Vici even) to well after finishing the DB questline. So basically, as it stands now, I can't complete Nazir's contracts sidequests it seems. Admittedly, it is not a huge deal as they don't really have any real impact on the game and no interesting/unique rewards. But if there was a fix, I'd like to be able to complete it haha. But thank you anyways for the reply/help, I appreciate it.

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