• So this is the third website I'm posting this since reddit and steam community people can't help me with this. Everytime I finish this quest, the misc quest "Talk to leaders of companion for work" is gone. There's a command to make it appear again however if I talk to any of the leaders (Aela, Vilkas, Farkas) the dialogue option to get work is missing.

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    • Edit: I have some mods installed. USLEEP, SkyUI and Static Mesh Improvement Mod

      This is also my third time starting a new playthrough just to see if I could fix it but of course it didn't.

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    • Hello, I'm sure if you are still having the issue, but (normal) (Special edition) fixes it. You have to start from the very beginning with joining the companions for the first time. Just to be safe after getting the plans, do not do Retrieval. Do someone else quest. After that, they'll tell you to go talk to the lady and they she will tell you that the leader found out and wants to talk to you.

      I only know how to do this after this bug happened to me. The console command didn't work for my either. This mod did though.

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