• So in card games, on subreddits and stuff like that, there's a common practice to have bots to call the cards.

    But half the cards are named CARDNAME (Legends) if there's a page from another Elder Scrolls game, and then the other half are named CARDNAME.

    It seems like a bit of a pain to make a bot that has to look through for a match, and it's also a pain to make template that link to pages because there's no pattern for the names.

    I think all Legends cards should be called "CARDNAME (Legends)" or to alternatively have a redirect from "CARDNAME (Legends)" leading to the CARDNAME page if it has one just to make the process easier.

    I'm willing to do all the edits necessary with the page names and stuff. I personally think doing redirects may be best, but what do you all think.

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