• Though I play on the PC now, I used to play the game extensively on PS3. I recall that, sometime after I completed the main quest (I think; it was a long time ago) an NPC approached me and asked me to teach him how to use the Thu'um (how to Shout). I cannot remember the NPCs name, and nor did I get the chance to respond. (Note: I was somewhere between levels 30 and 50. this happened several years ago.)

    The interaction happened whilst I was being attacked by the whole of Markarth's garrison, and the dialogue gave them the chance to kill me. It has never happened since.

    I was wondering-- has anyone else had this happen? At all? If so, can you remember the NPC's name? (it was some generic Raidant generated name). The NPC I encountered was male, and in a black robe. Either Nordic or Breton.

    IN SHORT: A random encounter happened, and I got killed by unrelated events around me while it happened. It has not happened since, on any platform I've played the game on. It occurred on a console PlayStation 3 gamesave.

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    • Are you sure he didn't want to learn ward spells? NPCs want to learn that but I couldn't find anything on the internet about an NPC trying to learn thu'um.

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    • (Old thread m8)
      I haven't heard of an encounter like that; perhaps that particular is from a mod. There is, however, a random encounter that is similar, like what said. They wear a black robe and are generic.

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    • A FANDOM user
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