• As most of you know, there have been a lot of changes to combat diversity through the series.

    From Morrowind to Oblivion, medium armor got removed, spears were removed, long blade and short blade got condensed to blade, while blunt weapon and axe got condensed to blunt.

    From Oblivion to Skyrim, Hand to Hand got removed, and blade/blunt was dismissed in favor of one handed/two handed.

    additionally, weapon selection was simplified, as morrowind had everything from halberds to staves and sabers and katanas and tantos and wakizashis and much more. as well as throwing stars/knives/darts for archery.

    In Oblivion all you had to choose from was dagger, shortsword, longsword, claymore, waraxe, battleaxe, mace and warhammer, and bow. Skyrim further took away shortsword/longsword and replaced them with sword, and unarmed combat was no longer a skill.

    What do you think of this direction? Do you agree with removing unarmed combat, spears, and throwing weapons, or even blade/blunt over 1H/2H? This has been bugging me, and I don't think I should expect Bethesda to increase diversity for TES6. But I can dream.


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    • for 1, unarmed remains as a perk in the Heavy Armor tree. as for the rest, i agree. they should stop leaving out diverse weapons. btw, you left out crossbows, which i think should have much more variety for, a dragonbone crossbow would look cool. they also got rid of Mithril weapons and armor. in the end, they seem to prefer diverse MATERIALS over diverse weapon TYPES, which sucks. it makes more sense for random guards to fight a dragon with the armor piercing bolts of crossbows and the longhandled spear or halberd, more sense then fighting with hunting(medium) bows and shorter swords/axes/blunt weapons.

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    • Hand 2 hand / unarmed ciombat should return as perk tree (mostly for sh*t's and giggles as well as for role playing purposes). The rest of the melee combat should get grouped into swords, axes and maces (one- and two handed alike) this because of that swords more closely related to other swords than axes or maces in the same size. Other newly added weapons could probobly fit into the above mentioned weapon classes. Spears etc culd be under the class of projectile weapons together with bows and crossbows.   

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