• I have two questions about Lycantropy

    First is, how can I use different totems? I don't know how to use any other totem except Totem of Terror

    And the second is about rings sold by Majni at Solstheim. How can I equip them if I can't open inventory in Beast Form? Do they affect me if I wear them before transformation and then use Beast Form ability?

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    • Not sure about the totems, as I havent figured them out myself yet. As for the rings, whichever one you have equiped prior to your transformation will have it's effect transferred.

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    • It's very simple actually. When you howl (iirc the key z), it will affect creatures. The totems are basically upgrades for the howls.

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    • According to Totems of Hircine, you pray to the specific one in The Underforge, you receieve a certain buff. Since these only count as minor powers, they can be used multiple times a day:

      Totem of The Hunt: Detect Life ability.

      Totem of Brotherhood: Summon two Wolf spirits.

      Totem of Fear: Howling will activate Fear against enemies.

      As for the rings, you must equip them before you go into beast form. The effects will occur once you have turned into a werewolf.

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