• I've deleted Ri'Nara and Nallene (sadly) because my game will not allow more than three characters, and I had decided I wanted to have a male character to be Cindaia's "lover". But I've updated, AGAIN, because I feel Cindaia is better by herself and has always been a loner (Yeah, sorry, throwing some Sims3 references in there). So, this is the updated backstory, and yes, the same story is on my second thread. But I put it on here for those of you who do not wish to move over to my second one. So, again, here it is:

    Race: Nord

    Gender: Female

    Name: Cindaia

    Age: 19

    Class: Spellsword (Master Healer and Swords-woman)

    Backstory: When she was little, Cindaia lived with her parents and cousin out in the forest in her parents' little cottage just off the road. Life was good and full of happiness, confidence, and trust amongst each other. Cindaia's cousin taught her restoration magic and sword-fighting. They practiced everyday for weeks and months. One day, the home was attacked by a rowdy group of bandits. They were ruthless, and continued to attack, even after Cindaia's cousin had been struck down trying to defend her and her parents. He died that day, along with the home being burnt to the ground. Cindaia was furious and attack with such force and anger that she didn't realize her parents had run off, never to be seen again. After cutting down the last bandit, Cindaia fell to her knees, next to her cousin's dead body. She wept for hours, and didn't leave his side for days.When all tears had been shed, Cindaia buried her cousin and said her prayers, then walking off to find her parents. She searched for days. Those days turned into weeks. Weeks to months. Months to years. She couldn't find them. It was the day she turned 19 that she was taken by carriage into Helgen. After her escape, she went off and joined the Companions, hoping to better her sword skills. When she became Harbinger, she went and joined the Thieves' Guild, the Dark Brotherhood and the College of Winterhold. She had rose to leadership in all guilds and went to fight in the Civil War. She sided with the Stormcloaks and won the war. To this day, she roams, only to be forced to side with the Dawnguard or Volkihar Clan. Vampires used to haunt her dreams as a child, so she chose to be a hunter. After acquiring Auriel's Bow, she continued on with life (Again...) only to have remembered she was attacked by cultists who claimed she wasn't the real Dragonborn (Oh boy, Miraak's in for it now xD). She, after long trekking, soon defeats Miraak and becomes the Savior of Solstheim.

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    • Identity: Uzodiz, 200-210- years old, Male

      Race: Dark elf

      Active skills: Sword, Shield,   

      Passive skills: Smithing, 

      Background= Uzodiz never knew his mother or father he was cared fored from a imperial Mother and Father. So even thought he was a dark elf he didnt know much about his race. He wanted to join the legion but his foster Mother didn't want him to go off in war and never be seen again. His foster father once was a guard in Kvatch before it was destoryed though the guard was retied he trained Uzodiz for many years. when he was 15 they were already growing grey hairs they had a really big library so he would read about almost anything he could. at age 25 he desided to go to Blacklight in Morrowind it took 3 weeks for him to get there. he went with a caravan they hired him as a merc  there was the old bandit but nothing he would worry about. he got to blacklight it was the most marvelous city he ever saw, he was greeting with respect when he entered the gate but he knew he was being watch. after 3 months for lifting his weight in the city he got a letter from his father it said "Dear Son i hope this letter found you well i don't know when this letter will get to you but i hope it does i need you to return home you mum has fallen very ill, we need to here please my son i hope to see you soon" he ren to his horse that he only got two days ago and rode as fast as he could home he got there within a week but he was to late he saw the smoke and fire coming from within the house and bandit walking around the farm. Uzodiz toke a moment to pray to Azura one of the True Tribunal gods his race worshiped. he equiped his sword and let a roar which even scared the birds he charged into the farm screams of terror echoed though the grasslands but they went Uzoidz after the battle Uzodiz was in a pool of the bandits blood. But in that moment he heard someone shouting help he followed the sounds to his Foster Father in the barn he knelt down to his dad a tear falling from this eye Uzodiz then said "im sorry i should of been fast im" his then Foster Father cut him off "Dont worry Uzodiz il be alright, but before i leave you i must tell you something about your mother your real mother she, her name was Lilelle Hlaalu she was a maid in Kvatch she gave me you so i could pretect you this was acouple days after Kvatch was destoryed she asked me never to tell you who you father was for your own safety i promised i wouldn't until the day i die but that day is now his name was Mar" but just as he was about to say Uzodiz's Fathers name a aroow came out of nowhere and went into the farmers heart. it was a bandit chef but just as the bandit grabed another arrow i horse smashed him out of the way and onto the around. It only toke a moment for Uzodiz to grab his sword and kill the bandit that was on the ground, Uzoidz fell to the ground in tears he went into the barn and grabed a shovel to bury his Foster Father. he looked about the farm for a place to bury him in that moment he saw a grave stone it was his Foster Mother he desided to bury him next to her. it toke an hour to bury him but he did it he spent the night in the barn with his horse in the morning he rode off to Kvatch which had been rebuilt while he was gone he spent 2 years looking for who his real father was but came up with nothing he new that House Hlaalu was in exile so he didn't share that he was from house Hlaalu, he left for Blacklight once again but this time he was done with Fighting he just wanted to become a nobody when spent along time in Blacklight It was 4E 189 when he met a female dark elf and had a child named Zirain his wife died 11 years (4E 200) after Zirain was born he was planing on becoming a farmer in Skyrim since he heard their where dark elfs from Hlaalu there. But first he needed to sell the house, he sold the house after a year and then rode to The Imperial City to hire some mercs, but his son wanted to go to skyrim some Nord warriors were heading out to Windhelm to join the stormcloaks so they were going to give them a ride and protection Uzodiz thanked them for the offer and accepted but he needed to get some armor the mercs said they would get the kid to the cornerclub in Windhelm and pay a merc to protect the was about 15th of Last seed, 4E 201 when the mercs headed out but Uzoidz waited behind so get some seeds and such he didn't worry about his son since he became fast friends of the nords. he headed out on the 17th and but got captured one the border of skyrim near helgen.         

      Thats my story its long and full of spelling mistakes so sorry i don't think i put any lore breaking things in it but if i did could you tell me i want to make my story 100% lore friendly 

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    • I've been thinking and i have changed the story abit 1st it was not an imperial foster farther it was a dark elf that was his uncle and the uncle had an imperial wife also he didn't know who his sisters lover was so in his last moments he only told him his mother house back in morrowind and Uzoidz wanted to find out who his father was, everything is the same but before the uncle died he told Uzoidz to go into the basement that was made out of stone so i didnt burn out and goe thought that flase wall and grab the dagger within called "The Fang of Sithis" when Uzodiz touched the blade he passed out for a day and learnt some stuff about his familys history 

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    • Identity:cheater(I'm trash at coming up with names),N/A,either

      Race: dark elf, but only for the bonuses, really the first of their species which I can't think of a name for.

      Skills: all of them.

      Summarized background: cheater was a human once and went by another name. Some kind of glitch tore a hole in the fabric of the fabric of everything. Cheater fell through it into an interdimensional space which later becomes their home and was reformed, being torn down to the smallest possible unit and put back together alive. Well, almost alive. Cheater was turned into a kind of mutant from the particles being reassembled more loosely; and having control over this particle, which all universes are made from; while still appearing human. Cheater fell into another dimension, my world in terraria, which they conquered and learned to control this power to travel dimensions, delete things from reality, and break anything down into the particle, also called essence. The dimension traveling eventually ended them up in the universe that The Elder Scrolls takes place in, where they landed at the wrong place at the wrong time.

      The reason why cheater has no age or gender is because a new body is made, hence the character creation screen, in each dimension. Cheater in gameplay was made using most of the exploits I know, the name is a reference to my gamertag and username, not to the exploits.

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    • Thecheater740 wrote:
      Identity:cheater(I'm trash at coming up with names)

      If you want a good name, look up -race of character- name generator and you'll find this website that allows you to find many(and i mean MANY) different names for that race. For example, one of my characters is a nord, so i'll look up: Nord name generator and i can find a whole list of names for a female nord(since she is female XD). I hope this helps with your "inability" to come up with names. :P

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    • CindaiaTheDragonborn wrote:

      Thecheater740 wrote:
      Identity:cheater(I'm trash at coming up with names)

      If you want a good name, look up -race of character- name generator and you'll find this website that allows you to find many(and i mean MANY) different names for that race. For example, one of my characters is a nord, so i'll look up: Nord name generator and i can find a whole list of names for a female nord(since she is female XD). I hope this helps with your "inability" to come up with names. :P

      One of my characters is named using a site like that. It's become a tradition to name my first character cheater in every game now.

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    • Anslaf, 23, Male.

      Race: Nord

      Active Skills: Arming Sword and Shield combo, heavy armor, archery(crossbow).

      Passive skills: Restoriation, smithing, enchanting

      Background: On the 7th of Morningstar, 179 4E, Anslaf was born in Riften to a poor mother who died as a result of complications due to his birth. With his birth mother dead and his father unknown, the infant was put in the care of Honorhall Orphanage. There, he spent eight years under the cruelty of Grelod the Kind.

      Near his eigth nameday, Anslaf and a younger Altmer boy, Elerand, escaped the orphanage, and spent a year surviving in the streets of Riften, where they befriended a teenage con-artist named Brynjolf.

      His life would change a year later, however, when they met a wandering Tsaeci knight named Yamato, who, despite his gruff and stern exterior, took the boys on as his squires, and trained them in the ways of the warrior. As the swordmaster raised them, the boys looked upon the old Akaviri samurai as their father.

      However, this happiness for Anslaf was not to last, as change is the only constant in this world. As the now twenty year old Anslaf was coming back to their cottage with the day's hunt, he noticed black smoke rising from their home. Dropping everything, he ran with all haste to the burning cottage, where he found his adopted father's still form, a dagger portruding from his back.

      A dagger Anslaf had given Elerand on his nineteenth nameday.

      This one event broke the young man, and sent him down a very dark path. He became untrusting, uncaring, and completely ruthless as a mercenary, taking on any contract as long as it meant money for weapons and armor, a decent horse, and booze to drown his pain in.

      One day, whilst he was staying Bruma, he noticed a contract that was put out by Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun for any mercenary or mercenary company that would wipe out the bandit holdout at White River Watch. Noticing the abnormally high reward he put out, as well as considering the idea for fighting as a sellsword for the Empire in Skyrim's civil conflict, he packed his things, took the Pale Pass into Skyrim...

      ...and in a strange twist of fate, got caught in the middle of an Imperial ambush with a horse thief and a whole company of Stormcloaks, led by none other than Ulfric himself. He was stripped of his weapons and armor, bound, and set on a cart to Helgen, where his destiny awaited...

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    • Ooh, thats a good story and full of great detail! C; When reading it i could just imagine your character through all of this! These are all amazing stories! C: If you guys have any other characters, feel free to share them, and please recommend friends or anyone on this site(or anyone who is a lover of skyrim C;) to this discussion because i would absolutely LOVE to see their stories! C: Again, wonderful stories!

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    • Name: Decimus (Aducus)

      Gender: Male

      Race: Imperial

      Age: 23


      Decimus was the thenth son of a middle class Imperial Family in Chaydinhal, who strongly believed in the Imperial Ideals, even after the Great War.

      Decimus is a Imperial, who was raised by two War Veterans and therefore forced to join the Imperial Army at the age of 12, just like his 7 brothers and her 2 sisters. As he was brough to the Imperial Outpost at Bravil, where he was suppose to be trained and tested, the Imperial General in charge realized that Decimus was way to weak and slow to fight with any kind of sword or bow and sended him to the Synode to train.

      At the Synode, Decimus would become a pretty good Destruction Mage as well as a rather good healer and a so-so Necromancer (he trained necromancy in secret as his brother Quintus had died from a horrible disease)  but he was terrible at Illusion, what probably comes from his rather weak mind, and a even worse Alteration Mage.

      Because the Synode at Bravil was very focus around alteration, Decimus was laughted at by the other mages, and quickly rejoined the Imperial Army as a Warlock at the age of 16. 

      He was stationed at his hometown of Caydinhal for 4 years and lived there more with his family then his comrades.

      After another 3 years of peace at Caydinhal, he would be send to Skyrim as a reinforcement against the Stormcloakes. However, his troup was abushed by a lot of bandits, and the commanding officer was killed. Decimus and his comrades were now alone near the border of Skyrim and tried to cross the border to Skyrim alone. 

      They passed the border to Skyrim rather easily but after they could even walk a mile on Skyrim Ground, they were attacked by Stormcloak Rebels who killed every soldier but Decimus and another Imperial Illusion Mage. 

      The Rebels took them Hostage for a few weeks, then Decimus was finally lucky and managed to steal a dagger from a Rebel, freeing himself and killing one Rebel. But then, poor Decimus, looked at the Face of the Rebel, just to realize that he killed his very own comrade, who just broke free and tried to escape. 

      Shocked by what he had done, Decimus was paralized as he still continued stabbing his (now dead) comrade in the heart. Just at this moment, another Rebel Soldier discovered the shocked Decimus stabbing his friend and gratulated Decimus into the lines of the Stormcloaks for his "betrayal".

      The Stormcloaks, who now traveled with him, were still very afraid of the young mage and always had at least 3 guards watching him. 

      Just a few days later, the Stormcloaks who traveled travelled through Eastmarch and were ambushed by General Tullius troops. Decimus thought he was finally save, but instead of being finally free, he was to be killed for the killing of a comrade and for being a deserter and trailer of the Empire.

      His place of death should be Helgen, but Alduin burned down the Village as Decimus escaped with Hadvar.

      A few weeks later, the young Mage entered Reach and discovered a very smalll Forsworn camp. Instead of attacking, the Forsworn told Decimus of their fate, but left out the fact that he Empire retook Markarth and telling him that the Nord were attacking it and just slaughtering the Forsworn for fun, and Decimus compared their  situation with this of the Imperials during the Great War and agreed to their plan to free their King Madanch.

      A bit later, Decimus, now known as the "Aspriring Mage" for the mission, got thrown into the Cidhna Mines and worked there one day and one night, before freeing Madanach and grouping up with his new forsworn friends. Together they killed all miners and guards of Markarth before fleeing into the Reach. 

      Then he trained under a Briar-Heart for several weeks, who thought him a lot about the destructive Magic of the Nature, be he still refused to live with the Forsworn peacefully afterwards, instead he travelled to the Colloge of Winterhold to train his destrucive magic to an even  higher level.

      He rose up in the ranks of the Academy and when he met the Synode Wizard at Mzult, he was already so angry about the Sinodes´ Wizards for not accepting him, that he killed Paratus instantly after he told Decimus where the Staff of Magnus was buried. 

      After being elected for the role of the Archmage of Winterhold by the Psijics, the Aspiring Mage wandered through the Swamps of the Hjaalmarch and got attacked and bitten by a group of feral vampires. He defeated the Vampires easily with fire magic but he wasnt aware of Vampirism. 

      Seven Days later, Decimus woke up, just to realize his hunger for human flesh. His eye color stayed the same however, and it turnes out that the disease struck his mind rather then his body.

      Decimus, now changed once again, followed the Orders of an Old Vampire Master and eventuelle freed a Daughter of Coldhaven, the powerful Vampire Serana with an Elder Scroll. He brought her to the Castle Volkihar and listened to the Prophecy of the Tyranny of the Sun. Now, the Aspiring Vampire Mage tries to fullfill the Prophecy to bring Doom to the Aldmeri Dominions, the group he hated the most.

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    • I don't want to repost so you can look here. For skills, that character is a conjurer who pretty much spams summons, and I imagine her to be in her mid 30s.

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    • Raalf, around 19 a Bosmer from Cyrodiil, born in the Alf Family (my family in TES series c:).

      Most used skills: One-handed, light armor, sneak, lockpick, speech, restauration.

      His family had just lost a lot of money, because their farm was burnt down, got into debt, and they were nearly going after loan sharks. They packed and migrated to Skyrim, next to Falkreath, a fight between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials was taking place. The stormcloaks were defeated, and the Alf got arrested too, since the imperials tought they were Stormcloaks too.

      • insert Unbound quest here*

      His family went missing after that. He was looking for them, untill he discovered he was dragonborn, he decided to put the interests of Nirn above his.

      • insert the storyline here*

      He participated in the Markarth massacre, defeated Alduin, achieved to be Arch Mage, and now he only wants a little peace in his life, as he found out that his family is safe in Valenwood. By the time now, he is moving to Falkreath.

      I still plan to: Join the dark brotherhood, go to Solstheim, join the Dawnguard, meet every Daedric prince I can, be "High Thane" :3

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    • Wonderful stories! Also, if you have more than one character and they eventually interact at some point in their lives, you are welcome to share how they meet or, if they are in a faction together, how they interact with one another and how they act towards eachother. If you would like me to make my story combining all three of my characters i am willing to do so. All you have to do is say so :3 I'm still willing to hear any other stories anyone else has! Everyone skyrim story should be heard!

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    • I had two Khajiit characters that were supposed to be sisters (I've already posted their stories elsewhere though...); about half of my characters are based on either characters from other fiction or on my original characters from unrelated stories (looks and skills-wise). So they don't exactly have backstories in Skyrim.

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    • Identity : Tharon Bear-Hunter / 27

      Race : Nord

      Story : Tharon was born and raised in Falkreath. When he was 17 his father died of lung cancer. He lived 2 years with his mother and after that he bought himself a new home in Falkreath. When he became 24 joined to the Imperial Legion (though he didnt wanted to) and fought for 3 years in the war (i think war didnt last that long but story is like this). In the defence of a castle he got shot in the chest (accidental friendly-fire) and travelled back to his homeland. He went to visit his mother but when he entered to her house he found her covered in blood. And from his wild-life skills (don't laugh :D) he discovered this was a recently happened event. He searched for clues and finally found a paper which has the black hand of Dark Brotherhood on it. He searched for the killer and found him. He made him talk and learned a Stormcloak named Ulaf Iron-Axe hired him to kill his mother. Furthermore he learned that Ulaf did this for the revenge for his brother in the Stormcloak Army (which Tharon killed). After killing the assassin he went to Windhelm in disguise. And he learned that Ulaf went to the border with Ulfric Stormcloak. He went to confront him in there and when he catched upon them Imperials ambushed everyone in there. And Tharon became a traitor (which he wasn't).

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    • My Oblivion character (Shealf) is a far grandfather to my Skyrim character. My Morrowind character (Nevalf)  is my Oblivion character's father :3

      I love planning backstories and ties to other stories :D

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    • changed a lot of my story so i may summit another one since i can't edit it

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    • Jurn Hokison miraak

      Skills:destruction magic,one handed,archery/crossbows,vamp. Lord,thu'um

      Height7'4 (Ebony warriors height)

      Race:1/4 nord 2/4redgaurd 1/4 atmoran

      Backstory:Juren Hokison Miraak was the brother of Miraak but he had a deep friendly-rivalry with Miraak as Juren was also a dragon priest but lost his mask in the sea. Juren was special as he was a dovahkin aswell when he heard of Alduins defeat he confronted hakon one eye and feldir the old.he killed both of them,as he walked back to his monastery he heard news of his brothers treachery from his friend vahlok,he gave vahlok his weapons to deal with vahlok,when vahlok returned with triumph he and vahlok celebrated and threw a grand celebration but sadly that night was jurens last night for in jurens sleep an assassin from the rebellion slight jurens neck he was able to stab the assassin but he slowly died he was buried within stahlrim in a unkown tomb. In the next era the powerfull Mage mannimarco ressurected Juren and they negoitiated if Juren wanted his flesh back he would have to swear alliance to mannimarco Juren Agreed,but once Juren got his flesh back he stabbed and knocked out mannimarco he sought out immortality so he prayed to molag bal to turn him into a pure blood vampire molag agreed,but molag did not handle Juren as he does with others instead if he wanted pure blood vampirism he would have to journey to coldharbour and bed a daughter of coldharbour,so he did. The next day he awoke feeling weaker in the sun.a portal of coldharbour opened up and a child was placed was his child. He bit the child before he did anything else,he continued to raise the child until the men and woemeon heard of Juren and his offspring they stormed his peaceful tomb and destroyed it including his child. He then took revenge and used vampire lord form to destroy the small village in the night,he decided he would wake up in the next era so that there wouldn't be much chaos. He was wrong. The oblivion crisis happend and he wanted no part in it,he woke up in prison although,he escaped and journeyed cyrodil feading on what he calls "filthy book worms" he had a distinct hatred of day his skin started getting darker until he looked full red gaurd he knew he was half red gaurd so he accepted it.when the oblivion crisis ended he journeyed to Skyrim he stayed there for over hundreds of years,but the Great War came and he fought for Skyrim as he was also part Nord and atmoran when they lost he stayed for another decade and decided to leave but he was caught crossing the border and was thought to be. A stormcloak spy where he was captured and tooking to Helgen he prayed for molag bal to save him molag bal convinced Alduin to destroy Helgen and save Juren (Juren has been molag's champion since 2E) (Juren ended up marrying and vamping mjoll and adopting and vamping children thanks to mods)

      Alignment:lawful evil

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    • Oh if we also count how many Eras Juren has been alive we can say he's older than knight paladin gelebor and the dwarves he's seen the creation of malacath and hircine (since they aren't original deadra) and as we all know "vampirism tends to keep ones flesh remarkably fresh." -Babbate

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    • He also tends to bed anyone woman he can convince wichtthewicht is easier than it sounds thanks to vampires seduction.

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    • Name:Valentine

      Age:19 1/2


      Active skills: Two-Handed Heavy Amour Archery

      Passive Skill: Block One-Handed Restoration Speech

      Valentine grew up on the streeys with no family alive. She sold simple ingredients to keep herself at least slightly fed. When she was about 11 she was taken to HonorHall Orphanage in Riften. She later escaped and run off to Roriksted, where she helped look after crops for a place to stay. When she turned 15 she was taught how to fight by a guard she helped defeat a giant. A year later she set off to explore Skyrim and found  a old ruin of a city called Windhelm.

      Here she learned to block and was befriended by the jarl, who offered her a job as a stormcloak but refused not feeling ready. When she turned 19 she was caught at the border and was sent to be executed. Now she is part of the Companions the Theives Guild and the Dark Brotherhood. She owns 2 plots of land and 2 houses. 

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    • Name: Hadebrand Torsson

      Age: 24

      Gender: Male

      Race: Nord

      Active Skills: Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Block

      Passive Skills: Archery, Speech, Athletics, Long-Blades

      Hadebrand Torsson has been reincarnated several times after he achieved CHIM (after he defeated Jagar Tharn). After he is reincarnated, he has no memory of his past lives. He always reincarnates as Hadebrand with the exception of Indoril Nerevar. During the events of the Skyrim's Civil War, he was reincarnated as the bastard son of Tor the Scalper. His father was a drunk and left what he once called his family, though he was unmarried. At age 6 living in a village near Windhelm, Hadebrand found his mother brutally mutilated and her scalp cut off. This set the boy into shock, yet he didn't cry, just stared. The villagers, who had helped Hadebrand's mother after her "lover" left, came over shortly after to see him paralyzed at the sight of her. 

      Days later, Hadebrand's old uncle, a veteran from the Great War, would come to take Hadebrand to Solitude, his home. In Solitude, Hadebrand studied with the Bard's College loremasters and soon became good at rhetoric and knowledge of lore. Hadebrand's uncle told him "one day, you will be great, just you wait, time will prove it." So Hadebrand persued his destiny as a warrior. He traveled to Whiterun, the trade-capital of Skyrim. He trained there with the companions. He made frequent visits back to Solitude. One day, his uncle, being as old as he was, fell very sick with a fever. On his death bed, he told Hadebrand to get the family sword from the display case. Obeying, Hadebrand brought it to his uncle. His uncle grasped the steel sword which had a bronze handle and hilt. He stood up, despite his pain, and simply said "kneel". Hadebrand kneeled, even though he was confused. his uncle knighted him as the emperor knights a worthy warrior. He then said "Dovahkiin!" and gave the sword to Hadebrand.

      Hadebrand knew not what "Dovahkiin" meant, but he wouldn't ask his uncle questions as he was dying. The next day, Hadebrand came back to Proudspire Manor from the fjord to see a sympothetic local crying. Hadebrand asked her why, and she motioned for him to follow her. As they reached the Temple of Arkay, Hadebrand knew what was going on. He kept doubting, thinking It's not true, it's not true, but he knew all along that his uncle was dead. He saw the priest there waiting for him. 

      Soon after the funeral pyre was burnt out, Hadebrand went to Proudspire Manor to pack up. He was wrathful, yet he didn't know what at. He knew what he was going to do. He was going to join up with a raiding party near  the Cyrodiil border. While there, he was immediatly welcomed. After a few highway raids on some fat and greedy merchants, they retired to their camp for the week. Jhudis was missing. They heard marching, tons of men. "Run if ya wanna live!" The chieftain hissed. The bandit raiders scattered and were mostly killed off.  An Imperial attacked Hadebrand and sliced open his left arm. In anger, Hadebrand sliced right through the man's leg, cutting it off, and stabbing him in the throat. He heard other Imperials and ran. 

      For miles he ran, it seemed. He heard arrows wizzing and the clashing of metal. It couldn't have been the Imperials, he had lost them a while back. He read himself and ran forward. What he saw was Imperials binding the hands of Stormcloak rebels. As he was about to run away, an Imperial woman, probably a captain, told him, "Halt! Put the sword down!" But Hadebrand, full of anger, replied "Like hell I will!" and charged forward, knowing that he couldn't escape. Before he reached her, an Imperial archer shot him in the head, but the arrow didn't pierce his skull and knocked him out. When he awoke, he was in a carriage driven by an Imperial soldier. His hands were bound.

      "You there, finally awake? You were trying to cross the border, same as us, and that thief over there."

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    • Sorry its so long, also feel free to correct any lore mistakes, and enjoy =)

      Born in Winterhold, thousands of years before the Great Collapse, Eisa Ebonheart grew up very poor. her parents were very kind, loving people, and saw to it that Eisa’s needs were met. One night, on their way home from work (her father was a blacksmith, and Eisa often was taught some of his techniques, her mother was a maid in the Jarl’s keep.) Eisa’s parents were mugged by a thief, but had nothing to give him. The thief killed both of them, and Eisa was sent to live with her uncle near Riften.

      Her uncle was a very strange man, with skin as pale as snow, and eyes brighter than the sun. He was once a great warrior, and spent his days training soldiers how to fight. Eisa soon grew fond of her knew home, and grew to love her uncle very much. She was overall very happy happy with her life.

      About a year after moving in with her uncle, Eisa found why her uncle looked the way he looked. He was in fact, a vampire. Sadly it was not just Eisa who learned this, in fact all of Riften found out. That night, Soldiers went to his home and burnt it to the ground. Luckily Eisa and her uncle survived.

      About ten years passed, and Eisa and her uncle were constantly running from the hold’s soldiers. In order to protect her, Eisa’s uncle taught her how to fight, and, although hard at first, Eisa grew to be quite the warrior.

      One cold winter night, Riften’s soldiers caught up to them, and Eisa’s uncle got hit by two arrows. One hit his shoulder, and the other, of course, hit him in the knee. They managed to escape but her uncle had lost too much blood. He also knew that Eisa, even with the natural resistance to cold that all nords are born with, would not be able to survive the night. So in his dying moments, he sunk his teeth into Eisa’s neck, the cold no longer made her feel uncomfortable, instead, she felt at peace.

      She buried her uncle the next morning, Ironically killed by one of the very men that he trained. She traveled to Riften, knowing that after 10 years no one would recognize her. She soon met a group of friends, they were pickpockets, and thieves, that would one day be some of the founding members of Skyrim’s Thieves guild.

      She befriended them, and began earning money from extorting shop owners. She was one day approached by an Argonian, who claimed to know of a great treasure hidden within a nordic ruin, but needed a mercenary to protect him on his way  through it. Eisa said goodbye to her friends, and set of to the ruins.

      Eisa fought her way through the ruin without even breaking a sweat, and they soon reached the main chamber. They found more gold there then either one of them had seen in their entire life. But the Lizard betrayed her, leaving her trapped in the ruins.

      Thousands of years later, as she sat alone, practicing her fighting, when she heard the claw door open, and a small breton boy walked through. She did not mean to kill the poor lad, but thousands of years without blood can leave a woman very… thirsty.

      She left the ruin, which was located near what was now Darkwater Crossing, a small mining community, when she was captured in an ambush, along with a bunch of soldiers...

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    • I think you are guessing my backstory... IM AN NPC BTCH

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    • My Character is a young Breton named KIinstock. Adopted by an imperial family in Cyrodiil. His adoptive brother was involved in a secret and illegal underground faction. These people were vampire hunters who even tortured and killed innocents to achieve their goal. Klinstock (Klin) and his bestfriend disliked the faction although they didn't try to stop it. One day Klin's friend disappeared. Guessing that it was his brothers doing, he confronts him. Klin finds out that he has been traded to the vampires in return of a valuble member of the faction. The brother tells him that the vampires who took him fled the province most likely to skyrim. Klin who knew limited conjuration was not allowed to futher his skill with it. But now wants to master the dead of wrongdoers to do some good in their second life. On the farm where he grew up he learnt how to craft bows and arrows but not to a great standard so he also knows he has to use heavy armour protection. 

      Bacially my character will focus on Archery, Conjuration and Heavy armour. He will also smith but i won't invest too many perks into this stat to start with. For money i will sell my bows. 

      My restrictions are that i'll only be able to uses bows that i make or conjure. I cannot use any other division of magic. no summoning atronachs or creatures apart from my trusty familiar. Heavy armour cannot be smithed. I can only buy spells and can only use heavy armour i find.

      Klin is a hard worker, this means every once in a while he will can grind and pay for training. 

      Klin will eventually learn of the dawnguard and join it, but only to find his friend.

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    • There once was an Imperial named Draevan,

      Who in the Fourth Era was travelling to Skyrim.

      But when he got to the border

      He was caught in short order

      Now he's bound and headed to Helgen.

      No idea why I wrote it in limerick.

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    • Name: Robban

      Race: Nord

      Skills: Heavy Armor, Smithing, Unarmed combat

      Story: Robban was born in Skyrim. He used all kinds of weapons, till his dad was killed by a sword weilding bowman that also had every other weapon on him. When he saw that, he vowed to never use weapons again, except for a bow every now and then, to hit things high up or far away.

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    • Name: Robban

      Race: Nord

      Skills: Heavy Armor, Smithing, Unarmed combat

      Story: Robban was born in Skyrim. He used all kinds of weapons, till his dad was killed by a sword weilding bowman that also had every other weapon on him. When he saw that, he vowed to never use weapons again, except for a bow every now and then, to hit things high up or far away.

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    • wrote:
      Name: Robban

      Race: Nord

      Skills: Heavy Armor, Smithing, Unarmed combat

      Story: Robban was born in Skyrim. He used all kinds of weapons, till his dad was killed by a sword weilding bowman that also had every other weapon on him. When he saw that, he vowed to never use weapons again, except for a bow every now and then, to hit things high up or far away.

      A sword-wielding bowman?

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    • Name: Fledbeast

      Race: Dark elf 

      Age: 19

      Gender: Male

      Main skills: Sneak, Light Armor

      Passive skills: Pickpocketing, Lockpicking, Illusion

      Fledbeast was born into a very poor family on Solthsteim  and was a mostly a naive little boy who had a natural  affinity towards destruction and illusion magic. Although because of his parents lack of funding he was forced to work in the mines and never expand upon his knowledge. After many years of working he learned to be a thief and cutthroat to help support his family and quickly forgot about his previous passion of destruction although his curiosity with illusion remained. Then after many years of  of working and stealing one day an attack on the town by ash spawn accrued and his parents were killed after mourning there deaths he persuaded an old captain to take him to Skyrim.

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    • Name: J'hak

      Race: Khajit

      Age: 25

      Main Skills: Restoration, Light Armor, One-Handed, Archery, Sneak, Two-Handed

      Passive Skills: Speech, Illusion, Lockpicking, Conjuration, Alchemy

      Standing Stone Blessing: The Lord Stone

      Shrine: Talos

      Armor: Steel Plate (Early game), Ancient Falmer and Dragon Priest Masks (Mid-game), Deathbrand (Late-game)

      Weapons: The Ebony Blade, Windshear, Chillrend, Okin, Eduj, Elven Dagger of Blizzards, Crossbow, Auriel's Bow

      Story: J'hak was born in Hammerfell to a Skooma-dealing father and a mother he never knew. His father ran a massive criminal organization that had history with the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. When he was young, he learned that he was a prodigy in Restoration magic when he was able to fix his brother's broken leg. As he grew older, he studied a variety of magical schools, but he found that he enjoyed Conjuration and Illusion the most. After mastering magic, he familiarized himself with Light Armor and swords. Due to his father running a criminal empire, he was forced to participate in criminal activities, or risk being disowned, which meant that he became proficient in Alchemy and Sneaking, and occasionally had to use Speechcraft when he found himself in trouble with the guards. Later in his life, his father died of Ataxia, and his brother was serving a life sentence. This led to J'hak becoming the leader of the gang. However, J'hak never liked the idea of being a crime lord, which led to him disbanding the entire organization as soon as he could. After disbanding the gang, he left the province of Hammerfell, and headed to Skyrim. After being caught by the Empire, he was sent to Helgen for execution, but escaped alongside Ralof when Alduin attacked. After he discovered that he was Dragonborn, and that it was his role to protect all of Nirn from Alduin, he began to look for weapons and tools that could help him defeat the World Eater. While he fought Alduin and his ever growing army, he put an end to practically every threat to Skyrim, ranging from Lord Harkon to the Wolf Queen herself. Eventually, he came into possession of an Elder Scroll, and with it, slayed Alduin. After Alduin's defeat, J'hak hunted down every single magical item that had any connection to the dragons or their cult. This led to him retrieving multiple Dragon Priest Masks, such as Rahgot, Volsung, Nahkriin, and most importantly, Konahriik. After locking away the Dragon Priest Masks, he settled down and bought a plot of land in Falkreath. Two years later, when he was in Whiterun, two cultists approached him, and tried to kill him in the name of "Miraak". J'hak started searching for answers, and eventually was pointed towards the island of Solstheim. After retrieving a Black Book, and speaking with Miraak himself, he realized that there was a new threat to vanquish. Knowing that Miraak was incredibly powerful, J'hak sought out the legendary Deathbrand armor, and started the search for powerful magical weapons that may assist him in defeating Miraak. In his search, he reclaimed arguably the most dangerous weapon of all: The Ebony Blade. J'hak knew that the sword would lead him to victory against Miraak, but could also lead him into insanity. Now, J'hak searches for a way to kill Miraak, while also fighting for his sanity against The Ebony Blade.

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    • Name: Arrulies

      Race: High Elf

      Age: 30 

      Main Skills:Adept Destruction, Conjuration, Restoration, Ilusion, and one handed.

      Passive Skills: Speech, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, and Alchemy

      Standing Stone Blessings: Mage Stone, and the Ritual Stone

      Shrine: Akatosh

      Armor: Imperial Armor (early game), Theives Guild Armor and adept robes of destruction ( Mid Game) Nightingale Armor (Late Game)

      Swords: Imperial Sword ( early game), Elven Sword and Dwarven Sword and Dawnbreaker ( Mid Game)

      Chillrend and Nightingale Blade ( Late Game)

      Daggers: Iron Dagger ( early game), Elven Dagger and Dwarven Dagger, and Mehrunes Razor ( Mid Game) Glass Dagger ( Late Game)

      Bows: Longbow (early game), Hunting Bow and Elven Bow and Dwarven Bow ( Mid Game) 

      Staff: Wabbajack

      Nightingale Bow, and Elven Bow of Blizzards ( Late Game)

      Story: Arrulies was born in summerset in the summerset isles. He was born with a father and a mother he never knew. All he remembered was being taken to cyrodil and raised there by a mage. The mage taught Arrulies magic. He taught him Flames, Sparks, Fury, Courage, Healing, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Frostbite. As he grew older the mage started dying. So he used his healing to try and save the mage but it was to no avail. The mage died. From than on, Arrulies went to study at the mages guild so he could become stronger. While he was there Arrulies read a book telling about a powerful sword that could kill the undead. He read about Mehrunes Razor a dagger that had the chance to instakill someone. After Arrulies mastered magic. He learned one handed, pickpocketing, lockpicking, and speech. He familiarzed himself with light armor and swords. He learned speech from trying to get inside the mages guild. He learned to steal because he had no money. One day he found a book telling about an ancient race called the dwemer. When he read it he learned that the dwemer had powerful artifacts. So he decided to depart to skyrim. He got caught by the empire on his way there and was taken to helgen. He escaped along Ralof when Alduin attacked. After he learned he was learned he begin to look for powerful weapons and artifacts. He went to the greybeards and learned how to use his shout to sprint. He became rather powerful and was told to go find the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. He decided he would go seek his fortune and found a stone of barenziah. He saw that it was an elven artifact and wanted how much value it had. So he departed to riften by a carriage. He got there and met a mysterious man named Maul. Maul told him everything about the Black Briars and about the theives guild. He found Brynolf and ended up failing trying to lockpick a strongbox to get an necklace to put on a dark elf that had an argonian name. Than Brynolf told him about the Ratway. So Arrulies went down to the Ratway and fought his way through to the theives guild. There he read a book telling about the Nightingales. A mysterious organzation within the theives guild. He did a great amount of theivery and fun. One day he decided that he wanted a staff that was powerful. He left Riften and came accross a farm. Inside the farm there was a book called wabbajack. He read it and than he departed to go to solitude. On his way there he found the shrine of Meridia. Meridia told him that he needed to kill a necromancer that was desecrating her shrine. So arrulies went deep underground and fought the necromancer. He ended up defeating him and his shade. Than he took the sword and finally he had a powerful wepaon. After that he talked to Meridia. Than went to solitude and talked with Sheogorath and went through his trials and got the Wabbajack. Immediately, he left to go to a town called Kynesgrove where he tested the wabbajack and way have got a bounty or two. But it was fun to him. By than he was bored so he decided to leave to Winterhold. There he did a bunch of stuff. Than after that he went back to the theives guild. There he went with Mercer to go kill karliah in snow veil santum. He killed a great many of the draugr in snow veil sanctum. Until he made it to where Karliah was. He got shot by a arrow and got knocked out. He heard Mercer say he was going to kill Arrulies. Mercer thought he had killed Arrulies but he was wrong. Arrulies woke up outside and than Karliah told him about Mercer. When Arrulies heard he had a great anger awaken in him. A vengance to kill mercer. Than he did a lot of stuff. Than he went back to the theives guild where he found the entrance was locked. So he went through the Ratway. Than he was immediately questioned. Karliah convinced the theives guild that Mercer was the one who took all the theives guild funds. Than Karliah told Arrulies and Brynolf to come with her. They went to Nightingale Hall where he received his armor and a Nightingale blade. Than they went through a Dwarven Ruin. They fought falmer. Until finally Arrulies reached Mercer Frey. There he had a ferocious battle of magic and swords and teleportation. He killed Mercer and than he took back the eyes of the falmer. Than he went to Mercer's manor called Riftweald. Killed some bandits. Took a sword called Chillrend. Than he found a ton of gems. Which he sold and he became rich. By this time Arrulies retired and went to seek powerful armor called ebony mail and a black star. He was on his way to do this when he found himself in whiterun. He ran into Nazeem and killed him. It felt good to do it after all the things Nazeem said. Than he killed more people and was caught by a guard. He ran out of whiterun until he reached falkreath where he was told about a vampire that had escaped its grave. He went to the Bloodlet throne. There he contracted Sanguine Vampirism. He killed the vampires and left and immediately when he went to windhelm he felt an urge to feed on blood. Than in a twist of fate he was killed by a stormcloak and his own follower. In the second he died. Arrulies thought what have i become and immediately died.

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    • Sorry about it being so long

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    • Second Character:

      Name: Ji'argo 

      Race: Khajiit

      Age: 25

      Main Skills: Illusion, and one handed and Sneak

      Passive Skills: Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Destruction, and Speech

      Weapons: Imperial Swords, Long bow and Iron Daggers

      Armor: Leather Armor

      Story: Ji'argo was born in Elsywr to a father that was abusive and drank tons of skooma. Ji'argo's father would attack him every day. One day Ji'argo's father was sleeping in his bed. Ji'argo killed him with his claws. Than he decided since he was a good Assassin. He would go join the dark brotherhood. He joined the dark brotherhood in cyrodil and had lots of fun. Until the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in cyrodil was destroyed. He ran away and had to steal to earn money. He learned how to use a  bow and was taught by a swordsman to use a sword. One day, he decided he had enough of the swordsman so he killed him. Than he learned how to use a dagger. Ji'argo loved the dagger. It had leather from his dead father on it. It was a very special dagger indeed it was. Ji'argo left cyrodil because he wanted to find out what happened to his mother. Years ago, Ji'argo's father told him that his mother was in skyrim and had been missing for many years. Ji'argo decided he would go to skyrim. He ran as quick as his khajiit legs could carry him. Until he reached the border to skyrim. He had made it to Darkwater Crosing. Immediately he was knocked out by an imperial guard and in a twist of fate lost his dagger and all his armor. He woke up in a wagon on his way to helgen. There in helgen a dragon named alduin appeared. Than Ji'argo ran with Ralof and left helgen and went to riverwood. There he made a new dagger and new armor. Also he brandished his beautiful swords. He is now in bleak falls barrow looking for a golden claw and the dragonstone. 

      Than after that he returned the golden claw. Than he headed to whiterun with his friend faendal. He went there and returned the dragonstone to farengar. Than later on Ji'argo was on his way to Ivarstead. When he ran into a master vampire and his thralls. The vampire snuck up on a riften guard and killed him.Ji'argo attacked the vampire and his thralls and defeated them. Then he took the grey vampire armor from the master vampire. 

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    • I'm really impressed with all your works and stories my fellow wikia members. I'll just share my most recent character.

      Name: Sabina Aurelius

      Race: Imperial

      Age: Mid 20s

      Class: Spellsword, Archer, Mage

      Weapons: Different variants of blades and bows

      Story: A native of Cyrodiil, Sabina lived in Skingrad, daughter of a Merchant father and a former Legionnaire mother. She grew up with the genes of her mother. She practiced magic, archery and swordmanship. She has alluring beauty due to skills and sportmanship. Many boys her age tend to be attracted to Sabina. Often being treated grand by fellow citizens due to her kind and sharp attitude. During her mid 20s, she learned about a Blade in hiding is actually related to her. This Blade was identified as Acilius Bolar as her parents said. Knowing he was last heard fleeing to Skyrim, she quickly volunteered to pursue him. After crossing the border and stuff happened, she met friends in Skyrim and finally tracked Acilius to his last resting place. When she reached Bloated Man's Grotto, she wasn't surprised to learn Acilius has long passed. Although he left his blade and his writ, in where Sabina pledged to safeguard the remains of the Blades from Thalmor persecution.

      • I know this seems to be a historical fiction of Skyrim but I'm actually quite a writer when it comes to the Elder Scrolls. Forgive me if your'e not that kind of person who doesn't accept historical fiction. 😊
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    • Name: Tiber Death-Walker (real name: Tiber Auditore)

      Race: Nord

      Sex: Male

      Age: 27

      Height: 6'10

      Personality: Cunning, intelligent, stubborn, charismatic, loner, short tempered

      Weapons: Any, preferably Daedric sword

      Armor: Daedric armor, any if necessary

      Occupation: Guildmaster, Listener, Harbinger of the companions, Arch-mage of the college,  Mercenary, Dovahkiin, Hunter, Vampire hunter

      Skills: Expert hunter, Unrivaled swordsman, Master pickpocket, Undetectable sneak

      Blessings: Blessing of Talos, Thief and warrior stones

      Story: Named after the ninth divine, Talos, Tiber was raised in a small house north of Whiterun. He always believed in Talos. No one could dissuade him from that belief. When he was fifteen, Tiber killed his own parents after finding out they were vampires. (He HATED vampires) To hide the murders, he burned down his own house, and left to fend for himself. In his time in the wild, Tiber learned how to turn a profit, as a hired thief. Tiber was also a hunter of renowned fame, as he could kill a herd of mammoths under the nose of their giants. After killing a Dunmer nobleman in Morrowwind, Tiber was on his way back to solitude to collect the bounty that was set on the Elve's head, when he wandered into an imperial ambush. He was arrested with a fellow thief (albeit a rather poor one), Ulfric Stormcloak, and a few other stormcloak soldiers. After breaking free of his bindings once, Tiber was knocked unconscious by a blow to the head from an imperial soldier's sword pommel, and his hands were binded multiple times behind his back, to ensure he couldn't escape again. After this event, Tiber hated the legion almost as much as vampires (He prefers not to talk unless shouting. He telepathically communicates to merchants instead of actually talking to them.)

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    • The Map

      4E 172

      • Aldmeri forces advance into Cyrodiil to capture the Imperial City.
      • Cyrodiil: The cities of Bravil and Anvil in Cyrodiil both fall to Aldmeri forces. Naval battles ensues in Lake Rumare surrounding Imperial City and along the Niben River leading to the Rumare.
      • Hammerfell: The entire southern coastline falls to the Aldmeri forces with the exception of Helgathe.

      4E 173

      • Cyrodiil: Aldmeri forces cross the Niben and advance towards the Imperial City through the eastern bank, surrounding the city from the east, south, and west.
      • Hammerfell: The siege of Hegathe is broken. Imperial forces make a stand in Skaven to fight off the advancing Aldmeri soldiers. Skaven falls to the Aldmeri. However, the victorious Aldmeri force is severely weakened by the advance through the desert, and is unable to continue their campaign.

      Cyrodiil is in chaos. The Imperial City is being ransacked by looters. Refugees are fleeing the capital to the north in droves. Your childhood home near the arena has been cleaned out by deserting troops in Imperial Guard armor. In desperation, your parents tell you to sneak into the Imperial Library and scavenge anything that might be sold to help them escape the approaching Elven army. The once quiet and peaceful library is filled with the shouting and screaming of former friends and neighbors fighting over old tomes of  ancient knowledge. A candlelit brazier is knocked over starting a raging fire that quickly begins to consume the books. As the smoke fills the room, you pull a large ruined book from a seared bookcase and run for your life. As you make your way back to your house, you can hear the clashing of swords and yelling of Men and Mer just around the next corner. Unable to get home, you jump in the back of a fleeing cart and join the river of refugees. Having a moment to examine your prize, you see that the book is damaged and unreadable. In a wail of grief, you fling the worthless book at the side of the cart only to see an old map of a strange land with the image of a faded Dunmer princess in the background. As the cart grinds north up into the hills, the map on closer examination is written in an unknown code with points showing gleaming gemstones. A treasure map! But where?

      4E 201

      Sitting in a tavern after chopping wood all day at the lumber mill, you sip you mead wondering how long you can make it last. "How about another?" you ask the barkeep. "Not until you pay up your bar tab, the boss won't let me." You glance at the owner and sigh. They have let me run a tab for years. Can't blame them for cutting me off. It's the last place in Cyrodiil that still serves me. Just bad luck. That's all. I reach into my breast pocket and bring out the old map. "One day I'll be rich, you'll see," I tell the bartender. Instead of his usual laugh, he only sighs and shakes his head and wanders off. Another patron, Lokir, if I remember his name, glances over my shoulder and says, "Hey that looks like my hometown in Skyrim, Rorikstead." He says pointing to a mark on the map. "You know this place?", I stammer as I spill the rest of my drink. "Sure, I've even been to some of these towns on the map." I grab a piece of charcoal and start scribbling. I mumble excitedly almost to myself, "If this is code for Rorikstead, then maybe I can finally translate some of this. I start with the code word next to the princess. B-A-R-E-N-Z-I-A-H? I shout across the bar, "Has anyone ever heard of a Barenziah?" Some dark elves in the corner spit up their beer. "Barenziah? as in Queen Barenziah of Mournhold, ruler of the City of Gems?" He asked in disbelief. "We'll just be taking that map", he said slowly as he drew his dagger. Two imperial soldiers jumped between us and drew their swords. Thank the gods, I mused. Our brave and trustworthy Imperial Guard. "This is, uhh..., stolen property of the state" He stammered. "And we'll just be taking that with us." This map?" I said as I dangled it over the hearth fire. "Lokir, can you get me out of here alive?" I called out to him. "Partners?" he asked. "Fifty-fifty" I nodded. He slammed into the guard near the door as I dropped the map into the fire. "What now?" he said over his shoulder as we rode double toward Skyrim. "Don't worry, I have memorized every inch of that map over the last 27 years, partner. "By the way, is this your horse?"

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    • Draevan13 wrote:
      There once was an Imperial named Draevan,

      Who in the Fourth Era was travelling to Skyrim.

      But when he got to the border

      He was caught in short order

      Now he's bound and headed to Helgen.

      No idea why I wrote it in limerick.

      I know this was posted, like, months ago, but I just have to say this made me laugh xD

      To those of you who are posting your skyrim stories, I haven't been playing at all for quite a while, so I will, shortly, create a second thread for backstories. Peace ma dudes! :P

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    • My Khajiit Hero of Kvatch and Khajiit Dragonborn are both a legendary Khajiit hero who is reincarnated whenever a supernatural evil arises. The hero is known as the Starcat. The origin of the Starcat starts at the Interregnum, and involves a diety few Khajiit know about and even fewer Non-Khajiit know about. Nemo, the son of Massar and Secunda, and the Star of Rightousness. As the offspring of Massar and Secunda, Nemo brought hope and comfort to the Khajiit people and watched over them as if they were fellow Khajiit children. When things became the most difficult, such as the Thrassian plague, Nemo shined more brightly in the sky for the Khajiit.

      Yet Nemo was lonely and craved for friends to have, but he was forbidden to leave the heavens. But that all changed at the end of the second era, when a dark shadow descended on Elsweyr and the rest of Tamriel. Molag Bal was making his move to merge Nirn into Coldharbor. Nemo saw the Khajiit people suffer from daedric attacks and the Knahaten flu. He implored his mother and father to help, but Massar and Secunda again reminded their son that they are forbidden to intervine in the mortal realm. After that, Nemo finally had enough and told his mother and father that if their laws binded them both to inaction, then he would no longer be their son.

      With that, Nemo forsook his immortality and descended to Elsweyr in a weak and frial spirit form that was nowhere near powerful enough to challenge Molag Bal. So he snuck into a village in Elsweyr, and found a Khajiit woman in her opening stages of pregnancy. Nemo merged with the seed growing inside of her and gained a mortal form, however, the cost of this was losing his memory. Six month's later, a Khajiit child was born, the first Star Cat. Little is known of the first Star Cat(Seeing as I have yet to buy Online) but it is known that Molag Bal knew the Star Cat would be a threat to him and at some point, stole the Star Cat's soul. The First Star Cat became known as Vestige and while it is known they defeated Molag Bal, nothing else is known about them.

      Now for the characters I have actually created, starting with my Hero of Kvatch.

      Name: Katia

      Gender: Female

      Race: Khajiit

      Age: Unknown, possibly late teens or early 20's.

      Class: Thief

      Bio: At the beginning of the end of the Third Era, Mehrunes Dagon was preparing for his Oblivion Crisis, but feared thsat if the Star Cat would fight, he would fail. So he send Mythic Dawn agents to Elsweyr to find and kill the new Star Cat before they could be born. Meanwhile in Torval, a joyous celebration was happening. The Mane of Elsweyr had become a father of a baby girl named Katia. All of Elsweyr celebrated the child's birth, and while Katia would never be Mane herself as the new Mane is born shortly after the previous one dies, people expected great things from her. Even Emperor Uriel Septim and some of his sons attended the celebration of Katia's birth. But the celebration soon turned to tragedy when the Mythic Dawn struck. Disguised as guards, the agents turned on the crowd and tried to kill the Mane and his wife, but the Mythic Dawn understimated the bravery of a mother when the Mane's wife shielded her daughter from the Mythic Dawn and took the blade meant for Katia, buying enough time for the real guards to arrive. Some Mythic Dawn agents were captured and killed, other escaped and possibly began spying on the Emperor in preperation for killing him and his sons.

      As Katia grew, she grew frustrated with the heavy expectations of her and was more interested in adventure. As a child, she would often sneak around the Torval palace and steal things for mischief making and disliked that Elsweyr had to answer to a human emperor, since Tiber Septim had conquored the Khajiit. Katia desired indpendence for her people and argued with her father about the Septim Empire. She was also a pious Moon worshipper, yet she also worshipped some of the Aedra and Daedra as she believed any god born from the litters of Anhurr and Fadomai were worth worshipping. But the last nail in the coffin for her life as the daughter of the Mane came when the Mane set up an arranged marriage for her with a Khajiit from Cyrodil who was a die hard supporter of the Septim Empire, in the hopes of changing his daughters mind.

      Not wanting to live with a blind patriot of the Empire, Katia ran away from home. She disguised herself as a street thief and joined a group of thieves on their way to Cyrodil hoping to start a crime spree and make money. The group traveled along the Niban river and eventually arrived at the Imperial City, and were ambushed by the guards. Most of the thieves were killed, but Katia was captured and imprisoned in the dungeons, and the rest is history. Durring her travels in Cyrodil, Katia has changed the way she views the Septim's as the Amulet of Kigns was needed to shield Nirn from Oblivion. She also could not believe that Mehrunes Dagon, a member of the second litter would work to end everything his family had created.

      She also befriended Martin Septim and began to view him as a great hope. She hoped that after he was crowned Emperor, he would grant her a favor, and grant Elsweyr it's indpendence. But alas it was not to pass with Martin's death. But like with Molag Bal before, the Star Cat defeated the invading Daedric threat. In addition, Sheogorrath has chosen Katia as his champion against Jyglallag. Katia was initially relcutant to help after doing his Daedric quest at Boarderwatch and sacrificing the Wabbajack in order to open the door to Paradise. But she eventually decided to help Sheogorrath because of Jygallag had his way, free will would be gone. She also helped the Knights of the Nine defeat Umaril.

      After the defeats of Jygallag, Umaril and Mehrunes Dagon, Katia knew that her people had also suffered in the Oblivion crisis and returned to Elsweyr to help her homeland rebuilt. As time went on though, she began to develop an even more mischivous personality and soon learned that Jygallag was not kidding when they last meet, she was slowly turning into Sheogorrath. Katia eventually married an unidentified Khajiit and had at least one child. After her death, Nemo's soul returned to the sky to await the birth of the next Star Cat, while Katia's soul went to back to the Shivering Isles, and became Sheogorrath.

      Katia now views her new identity as a necessary evil and has found some comfort and fun in being Sheogorath, but she views it as a curse and eagerly awaits the return of the Greymarches, when she will turn back into herself and be temorarily allowed in the Sands Behind the Stars. Afterwords she transforms back into Sheogorrath and must return to the Isles. Years later in the Fourth Era, her great grandson and successor unknowingly visited her while she was "On Vacation" in the mind of Pelagius Septim III. Later that night, she appeared as herself in her great grandson's dreams and told him how proud of him she was and that she loved him. (Note, I haven't actually finished Oblivion yet, but since Skyrim was my first ES game, I know how Oblivion's main quests end)

      Now for my Dragonborn

      Name: Alec

      Gender: Male

      Race: Khajiit/Dragonborn

      Age: Unknown, he refuses to say

      Class: Thief/Assassin

      Bio: The third Starcat, and great grandson of Katia, Alec was born into a poor Khajiit clan who survived as nomads in Elsweyr. His family had lost their fortune because his father was one of the few Khajiit who spook out against the Thalmor, for that he was executed and his wife stripped of her savings. On the night before the day he was born, Akatosh himself appeared to Alec's mother in a dream, and told her that her son would bring hope and courage to Tamriel. The following day, Alec was born. He was named after a long forgotten Khajiit word for "Hopebringer". Alec had a happy childhood and played with the other children in the clan all the time.

      On his seventh birthday he was given a bow and arrow as a present and went with his friends to try it out. On that day, he accidently fired the arrow into the backyard of the summer palace of Prince Ellidyr, the son of the Ruler of the Thalmor, and was infamous for his bad temper and tenency to order people executed for the most churlish reasons. Alec's friends warned him that if Ellidyr caught him in his backyard, he'd chop his head off. But Alec wasn't afraid of the cranky prince and snuck into the backyard. Despite at stepping on a twig and the guards hearing the noise, Alec escaped with the arrow before anyone could see him.

      Years later as an adult, Alec feel in love with Kala, one of his childhood friends. He proposed to her and she accepted. But before they could be married, Alec heard strange sounds one night and snuck off to investigate. That night, he gazed upon humans for the first time. He had heard stories of them but he had never seen them move or talk before. He had no idea what they were doing in Elsweyr and tried to sneak back to warn the clan, but they saw him. Alec gave them a hectic chase and bought enough time for his clan to escape, but they caught him. As Alec was dragged away, he saw Kala looking away at him in heartbreak, his heart was broken as well.

      Alec was tied up, blindfolded and put into a caged wagon. For many days and nights the wagon traveled, while Alec heard the drivers tell stories of an Ulfric Stormcloak and his rebellion in Skyrim. He also learned the men were ex soldiers and were planning on using Alec as a hostage for an anti Thalmor terrorist plot.

      As the wagon continued to travel, the climate grew colder. The criminals eventually were ambushed by trolls after going over the Jerrel Mountains and Alec escaped. However he had no idea where he was and how to get home. Wandering panically, he accidently bumped into a group of Stormcloaks, just they walked into an Imperial ambush. Alec was knocked out and the rest is history.

      Alec agreed to help Whiterun defeat the first dragon, intending to find a way to get back home to Elsweyr after that. But when he learned he was Dragonborn, he reluctantly changed his mind. He wrote a letter to Kala telling her about what has happened, and promised to return once Alduin, Harkon and Miraak are defeated.

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    • I'm not exactly the best writer, but I'll give it a shot regardless.

      Name: Aren Verinne

      Gender: Male

      Race: Breton

      Age: 27, Born in 4E 174, 17th of Last Seed

      Class: Spellsword

      Aren grew up near the massive trading hub of Daggerfall in High Rock, in a moderate middle-class family home, but before I can tell you in detail of Aren, you need to understand the background of his parents.

      His mother was a Nord named Elina and former sellsword who took odd jobs for coin to purchase the home and support herself early in her life, as her own family there was very poor. Once, she took a well-paying job from a Breton nobleman to kill some bandits who recklessly attacked the Nobleman's manor near the city. He could not send off his private guard for the rival Nobleman in the trading hub would've seen it as an excellent opportunity to take him down, as the competition for power among High Rock's nobles will never rest.

      Agreeing to kill the bandits after being informed of their location, Elina made her way to their makeshift camp and slaughtered most of the crew with a blade made from Nordic Steel. Her armor, however, was that of mere Iron as that was all she could afford while trying to save up large amounts for Aren's future home. As such, a fast arrow shot by one of the last remaining bandits pierced a weak spot in the armor and severely injured her stomach. Bleeding out, she lay on the ground dying, feeling regret in knowing that she would never get the chance to have a family of her own and live out a happy life; she'd always wanted children and a husband. At the time, she was in deep search between jobs for a lover that would accompany her in starting a family.

      With time short and near death, Elina eventually accepted her fate, knowing that she did not have the strength to make it back to Daggerfall and request aid from the Noble as he was an adequate mage, like so many Bretons are in High Rock. With the gods smiling upon her though, an Altmer walking torwards the city to trade some of his magical supplies spotted the woman and quickly rushed to her, asking her if she was well. She was not. The Mer quickly realized this, and used a healing spell and potion to close her wounds and keep her alive. Eventually, she came to and saw the Mer standing guard over her after killing the last remaining bandits who watched from afar, ready to loot the woman's corpse after her death.

      The Altmer, named Alamaer Verinne, asked Elina about the bandits and she responded by explaining the whole ordeal with the Noble contract payer in Daggerfall. Still wishing to go there in the hope of bartering some his magical supplies to an aspiring Breton mage, Alamaer and Elina, once well enough to stand, made their way back to the city and told the Nobleman that the bandits were dead. He was grateful, and supplied Elina with the coin she needed for the house. After saving her life, Elina quickly became fond of Alamaer, and he in turn slowly grew an attraction to her as well.

      Eventually, the two fell in love. Elina soon collected the coin she needed by completing a few more odd jobs for various Nobles around High Rock along with assistance from Alamaer, an accomplished mage, who sold magical supplies in the trading district of Daggerfall. They purchased the house and immediatly decided to spend the rest of their lives together, and soon married. Despite the ancestors of both their races being bitter enemies, the two voiced that their love was proof that Men and Mer could coexist peacefully, and happily. Before long, the two became very intimate and after a night of fine wine, watching the stars, and light sparring with Alamaer, Elina woke up in the morning bearing a child, Aren.

      Many months later, Aren Verinne was born. Being the child of a Human mother and Elven father, he was named a Breton by Alamaer after quickly pointing out the Elvish features which Elina did not notice, who initially thought him to be a Nord. For most of Aren's first few years, their family remained quiet, peaceful, uneventful, and quaint. Alamaer did, of course, wish to teach Elina basic Restoration and Alchemy skills to better defend herself should she once again take up jobs to support the family, and she agreed. Elina, meanwhile, wished to teach Aren the Nordic ways of a blade and archery once he came of age. Alamaer objected, noting that his Elven ancestry gave him great potential to become a powerful mage.

      After much debate, they left the decision up to Aren as they wanted him to choose what made him happy. Once he came of age, Aren was, like most Bretons, tested for magical affinity. The tests showed that he did indeed have increased magical capability compared to normal humans, thus he took an interest into magic. It was quickly pointed out to him by both Elina and Alamaer, however, that he should still learn the ways of a blade and some light armor to protect him and in case he were to exhaust his Magicka reserves in battle. Thus, Aren declared he wished to pursue the path of a Spellsword. Once he grew to 10 years, he began sparring with his mother in the fields using a blade, bow, and light armor that had been forged by a local Blacksmith in Daggerfall at Elina's request. Alamaer, meanwhile, taught Aren basic and adequate magic skills in his basement lab, then tested his newly developed skills out in the shallow and clear river near their home.

      Aren, like most Bretons, had his Elven blood shine through in these tests, and Alamaer was quickly impressed by his son's progress in learning. He had taught Imperial or Nordic students before, but their speed and capacity for learning did not match his son. He also took quickly to Elina's training, noting that her son's Nordic ancestry gave him an affinity for traditional melee combat, and his slender Elven frame gave him increased agility. Elina was took by surprise to see how fluently and quickly Aren moved against his targets with a blade, after stunning them with a fire spell. By the time Aren was barely 20 years old, he had completed nearly all the training he needed to begin taking up mercenary jobs like his mother, which she still did now and then to provide support for the family when Alamaer's sales weren't enough.

      It was quick to see that he worked very well with his mother in these jobs, and the amount of coin they were able to earn almost doubled, allowing the family to afford many of the precious Elven furnishings and antiquities that Alamaer deeply desired to decorate their home. Their home was much like a manor you'd find in Solitude and was thoroughly beautiful once they began to acquire the furnishings. For the next 5 years, Aren continued to pick up bits and pieces of information, training, and advice from his parents until he exhausted their knowledge, and they could teach him no more. Being a well-known mercenary and magic user like both his parents in Daggerfall, along with being an adventurous type, Aren made several trips around High Rock during the last 5 years he was to stay there. He made quite the reputation for himself as he often made trouble, though everyone he talked to knew it was unintentional, thus he was considered to be a good natured rascal; someone trying to do good and fixing the problems he caused were they to occur.

      He grew to have more and more of an adventurous nature, and with his parents approval, he scrounged up some coin and made a trip to the Imperial City upon his desire to see more of the world. Initially, Alamaer recommended Valenwood or Summerset due to the Elven culture, while Elina recommended Skyrim so that he could embrace and respect Nordic values. Aren, not wishing to take either side, decided on Cyrodiil as he knew he could get the best of both worlds there, but he did make it clear that he'd love to visit the other provinces when he got the chance. After packing up and saying his goodbyes before leaving for a couple years, he set off to Cyrodiil on foot, quickly passing through Skyrim to reach the Imperial border. Once he reached the border, Aren encountered Imperial guards and negotiated with them and a whole coin purse to allow him entry, unaware of the damage caused by the Great War.

      He reached Cyrodiil, quickly beginning to admire the gorgeous Ayleid ruins that dotted the landscape, and also became accustomed to Imperial and Elven culture, the latter of which was quickly spreading due to the Dominion. During most of his stay in Cyrodiil, he followed in his mother's footsteps by taking odd jobs and solving issues for Nobles and other local populace, gaining their favor in the process and earning him coin. Though many of these jobs proved to be difficult, he managed without too much trouble using his skill in magic that Alamaer had taught him, and traditional Nordic techniques Elina had passed down to him. With both blade and spell at his disposal, Aren thrived and became well known to the local citizens as an accomplished Spellsword.

      On the occasion, Aren would encounter patrols from the Aldmeri Dominion, but made it very clear from the start that he meant no harm and only wished to do good for anyone in need. Thus, they left eachother to their own business and Aren remained true to his word. Over the next couple years, Aren would send letters to his parents every few months telling them of his progress, adventures, events, and anything else worth of interest every couple months. They always replied back, noting that they were very pleased to hear he was okay. By this time, Aren had turned 26 and simply had a room that a friendly Imperial innkeeper allowed him to stay in for rent.

      At one point soon after his 26th birthday, Aren got a contract for some bandits causing trouble for both Imperial and Dominion patrols. The innkeeper informed Aren of this, and agreed to take the job. Preparing his gear upstairs, he walked down a few minutes later and opened the door only to find his parents before him, wishing to visit him as they grew lonely. Aren was surprised and taken aback, yet felt empathy and he grew homesick as well. Aren quickly informed Elina and Alamaer of the job offer he had just taken, and they agreed to accompany him. They all reached the bandit's camp which turned out to be housed in an Ayleid ruin, and were soon taken care of. Though both Elina and Aren noticed many Elven artifacts available, Alamaer had asked they take none out of respect for the Ayleids and their beautiful works. Aren and Elina agreed, proceeded back to the inn, and received their pay from an Imperial courier who was waiting there.

      Afterwards, they all sat down in Aren's room which had a small alchemy table on it as well as a white soul gem he'd used to enchant his blade. They enjoyed merriment and talked for quite a while, Elina and Alamaer explaining that they were going to stay for a week or so before proceeding back to their home, which had a small group of hired guards to protect it. A week of happiness, love, and merriment passed by as Aren enjoyed his parents' company, with all three even visiting the Imperial City, in which Alamaer purchased some Elven souveniers for their home. Elina soon wished to remain near the gate, as she couldn't bear to hear the chanting of a group of Thalmor discouraging Talos worship. Being a follower of Talos herself, she dared not approach the Thalmor, and Aren quickly picked up on this, and Alamaer soon after. They both offered their sympathy, and left back to the inn.

      After his parents stay expired, they once again said their goodbyes as when Aren left High Rock, and departed back home, promising to send letters to one another and perhaps visit again sometime soon. Months more of the same passed by until Aren was nearing his 27th birthday, expecting to return home soon. He had not sent any letters in a while, in one of them noting how it became very difficult due to the strict entry procedures along the borders, and that he might not be able to return soon so easily. His parents showed sympathy in one of their replies, and made it clear that they do not worry because he can handle himself. During the end of Sun's Height, Aren was offered a very dangerous job by some Imperial guards to take down some rogue mages that abused their magical power to harass and destroy everyone and everything that neared their base, an Ayleid ruin named Belda in the Heartlands. Aren agreed, and cautiously prepared for the magic he was going to encounter.

      Aren made his way to the ruin, he entered and almost immediatly encountered resistance from the mages. Initially he tried to negotiate, but it was clear they were hostile and so he drew his blade and magic, swiftly killing the mages one by one along with their conjured summonings. Unfortunately, the leader of these rogue mages hid away from Aren, and used illusion magic to cover up an Ayleid trap down in the hallway. Aren, unknowing of the trap, proceeded down and was caught in it, being knocked out in the process as it activated a paralyzation spell. After waking up in a makeshit jail the mages had created inside the Ayleid ruin, Aren realized all of his equipment had been looted by the mages and destroyed. Fearing for his life, Aren first looted some rags from a nearby cell while the mages weren't looking, then quickly decided to break out and use the magic taught to him by Alamaer. Swiftly exhausting his Magicka in a display of Elven power, Aren killed most of the remaining mages and made his escape, exiting the ruin.

      Being left with none of his equipment, now clad in rags, and realizing that he had spent all of his coin on what was just lost in preparation, Aren had nothing. Despite this, he headed back to the inn to try and have some coin lent to him by the guards, but they refused payment until the job was done. They were well aware of the reputation he had, but could not lend nor pay due to the danger the remaining mages still posed and they could not spare any reinforcements due to Skyrim's civil war and the casualties caused to the Legion by the Great War. Thus, Aren was in a tight spot and left with few options. With no coin left, the innkeeper, reluctantly, had to ask Aren to leave since he could not pay rent. Aren agreed without force, intent on returning to his parents' home in High Rock; he thought it was a good idea he do so after being away for so long.

      Reaching the border again on the 16th of Last Seed, he was able to pass through and after a near-fight and tough negotiation, Aren soon traveled near Darkwater Crossing on the morning of the 17th, hoping to get some directions and help when he got caught up in the very same ambush that capture Ulfric Stormcloak. Aren soon realized he wasn't going to be able to return home any time soon, and that his life was about to take a drastic turn. He quickly made peace with the fact that this may very well be the day of his death. There were still people in High Rock and Cyrodiil who remembered him, so once his contacts found out about the ambush, they'd realize Aren's demise and quickly inform his parents. Because of this, Aren was not worried and knew everything would be okay for them; that they'd find out sooner or later.

      Thus, the ride to Helgen and the story of the Last Dragonborn begins.

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    • Name: Erimus Eques

      Race: Imperial

      class: Mage hunter/barbarian


      Erimus was a horsekeeper in Cyrodil and loved his job, he had a great admiration towards the imperial army and believed that order was the best solution. Erimus developed a hatred towards the dark arts such as mages, undead, Assassins and cannibals. The reason why he hates mages was because his family was murdered by cultists so that they can summon a daedric being but Erimus vengefully killed the cultists.

      Fueled by rage, Erimus equipped his ring of the hippocampus (which allowed him to breathe underwater) and hunted the rest of cultists and slaughtered them, when he encountered the leader he said nothing and decapitated her. He came to skyrim to find adventure but was captured by the empire and you know what happens next.

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