• I currently have lvl 45 Conjuration on my current playthrough. I approach Phinis to train Conjuration as normal; but when I click to train, he just takes my money without raising my level. After 5 trainings I'm still lvl 45 and nearly 2500 gold short. >_>

    I've tried reloading, fast travelling, training with someone else and then coming back to him later, restarting my Xbox; nothing seems to work, and there is no mention of this glitch in either Phinis' or the trainer's bug list. Every other trainer is fine, but him. I've been playing this game for years and I've never come across this problem before.

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    • wrote:Every other trainer is fine, but him.

      I tell a lie; Faralda is also doing the same. She just takes my money without raising my level. What the hell is going on, all of a sudden??

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    • I have since found a work-around for this bug; the trick is to level up manually. After that, training can continue as normal.

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