• I don't have video proof but I tell you when you enter the boss room for the first time, there is morokei and 2 ghostly mages shooting beams of power at morokei. If you kill 1 of them (I only tested with the lower one), go to the exit of labarinthian, go out side then then come back in. When you come back, there should be 2 beams of power again but only one spectral Mage. Kill the other and kill morokei. There now should be a beam of power coming from where the Mage should be to hitting the wall behind where Moro Keri was standing. If you stand in it then you would get a really fast health and magica regen, the health is not important as there are no more enemies around but you could use the magica regen to raise your magic skills quickly.

    Constantly doing muffle for illusion Constantly holding telekinesis for alteration, you might need to bring alterarion cost down as it can't keep up or you would drop it every few seconds Lots of healing circles for restoration Thrall plus conjured weapons for conjugation and one/two handed Thrall plus different element dustruction for destruction

    I know this works as I have done it twice

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    • I have only been able to test this with the PC as I don't have it with any other consoles (the same person)

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    • For the most part, it should work on all platforms, although I'll have test it later.

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