• I personally don't have the ability to play as an Imperial on ESO, but I've noticed that every female race (not so sure about males) has a unique body type. Bretons, I've noticed (in my opinion) have the least appealing figgure, with large, square ribs, a small head, thin limbs, and small hips. The very few screenshots of Imperials I've seen look very similar to Bretons (again, I'm refering to female character models only). Did Zenimax just partially copy the Breton character model? I'd love to see screenshots of anyone's Breton or Imperial female chracters so I may compare the character models!

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    • I haven't noticed it yet but many players don't go threw hours to perfect the design either. There players that do and those that don't, you have to customize to get shape in and out of theme. You also forget by this time many Humans, Nord, Bretons and Imperials at some point have mingled and swap gens. Nords less and Bretons more than Nords.

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