• So quoting Lucien Lachance "As every hand has fingers, does not every finger have a nail? A claw? A talon? Every finger of the hand, every Speaker, has such a nail."

    So the four fingers(Speakers) has a nail(Silencer), but there are five fingers. On a human hand, the thumb also has a nail. Doesn't that mean the Listener should also be employing a Silencer?

    Side question: The Keeper is also a member of the black hand, doesn't he represent any part of the hand?

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    • I think the thumb would be like the Night Mother and her nail would be the Listener, while the palm of the hand would represent Sithis, since he is connected to all.

      That's just my theory though.

      As for the Keeper, it might be (contradicting my own theory already, great!) that the Listener is the Thumb and the Keeper is his Nail. And that Sithis and the Night mother are the Palm of the Hand.

      Again, just a theory.

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    • The Second theory was more likely to. But I don't know if Sithis and the Night Mother are part of the black hand. I thought the keeper might be the palm.

      The entire black hand, as in the hand itself might just be the hand of Sithis.

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    • What if the keeper is the thumb silencer? The human thumb is used for different things compared to the other 4 fingers (like the listener and the speakers are different).

      The nail is used differently too, so it could be the keeper.

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