• I've just now 'completed' the level puzzle, not having any prior knowledge of it. I assumed because the Fox was missing from the one side of signs, that was the key. Obviously nothing happened after I pulled the Fox lever. Then I tried the Hawk lever just to see if a failure caused some reaction at least and still nothing, so pulled Snake and Whale afterwards to get any reaction or a reset. After pulling the levers in said order, the floor opened as is supposed to.

    Can't be sure if it's a fart in the system or if there is more than one combo to the lock. Continuing on now.

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    • Is there any way for you to reload and try the combination stated on the wiki?

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    • Oh, now you want me to be all smart and figure something out?! I didn't sign up for this! But yes. Lemme see...

      Just did Hawk - Fox - Whale - Snake. Opened.

      Also, this is on PC Special Edition. No mods active.

      Snake and Whale going first each keep resetting.

      Hawk - Snake resets.

      Hawk - Fox - Snake - Whale works also.

      Fox - Whale resets.

      Fox - Snake - Whale and Fox - Snake - Hawk both reset.

      Quickly doing Fox - Snake and Whale or Hawk then the other before they reset opens the floor, but then the two reset and you end up with two stuck on, and two that won't stay on. Weird.

      I think there's 24 possible combinations to try, I think I've handled 12 or so. A better playtester can finish this off. Tired, so getting off for the time.

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    • Umm, I just wanted to check whether there was an error on the wiki or not. But thanks for testing all that.

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