• When I enter¬†Understone Keep for the first time, everything is normal, and the dude is arguing with the wizard.


    When I go through the entrance to the main chamber, guarded by two Markarth Guards, the guards attack me and it adds bounty to the reach. This also happens whenever I talk to any guard in the keep or stand near them (like a meter or so).

    Please keep in mind that this is the first time I have visited Markarth with this character, and I do not have any bounty or anything in The Reach. It stops me from starting any quests etc. in Understone Keep, and I need to fix it ASAP. Any ideas?

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    • I'm having the same bug and I have absolutely no Idea whats causing it, the only thing I can think is that the Thalmor want me dead b ecause I freed that greymane¬† guy, and since there's a thalmor in there, they're aligned to him and so the game treats them as though the were thalmor as well so they attack me.

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    • No, that is not the reason for your glitch. I'd advise sheathing your weapons or draw them then sheath depending on whether you have them out or not. Basically surrender to the guards and go to jail, serve your time and see if it helps.

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