• First, i took the amulet off the body right after execution (not realizing it was a quest item).

    Second, i collected few more of those :(

    And now i cant complete the quest, and i can't make my own shrine of Talos in my manor, since quest item considered to be the "top one" and I can't do a thing to it :(

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    • The only solutions are to either use console commands or to reload to an earlier save.

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    • What command? I don't know them...

      It's been too many time since i took that amulet :(

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    • I would do the following:

      • Open the console with ~ or `
      • Type in "setstage SolitudeFreeform03 40" without the quotation marks
      • hit enter, exit the console

      After that, the quest should be finished automatically and you can drop all of the amulets as you want. I'd recommend testing this to make sure.

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