• So I got The Forsworn Conspiracy quest a LONG time ago. I have over 280hrs on this save and I probably got the quest within the first 10-20hrs or so. I went to start this quest and I go to the shrine of Talos but he's dead lying on the floor. The guards have no quest dialogue and neither does the one imperial officer. I remember doing this part of the quest back when the game first came out and they are supposed to have some sort of dialogue im pretty sure. And hes not supposed to be dead already I think. Idk what to do to continue the quest. The marker is on his dead body as if hes alive and I need to still speak to him. 

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    • Commit a crime and accept to be arrested. You'll be put in Cidna mine, and if you speak to one of the prisoners, the next portion of the quest ("No One Escapes Cidhna Mine") should begin.

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