• Did anyone ever realize that the house under the lighthouse, where Ma'Zaka lives, just isn't realistic?

    First the doors on the inside and outside don't line up, otherwise there should be something built on the right side of the lighthouse to fit the room. And there's also a window inside, but none on the outside.

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    • Yeah, my first thought when i saw the door.

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    • I modded the light house and you are correct I tried to add windows on the outside but they don't give us much to choose from being they won't be the same shape inside. Also I added a stables on the right and a full blacksmith shed on the left to balance the whole thing out. It looks better and I added a horker nursery- so cute.. Plus I felt so bad for poor lonely Mazaka I gave hima pretty Khajiit wife named Rosette and she will buy misc things from you. Thats if you can get past thier new wolf hound guard dog named Marven hehe.....

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