• Hello everyone, I would like to propose that we remove the <center> tag from The Elder Scrolls: Legends pages, as I could not propose it during the moot due to my internet. It was decided to move this topic to the forums instead. Before I start as to why we should do this, I would like to give an example.

    Adoring Fan (Legends) -

    |text = <center>'''''Prophecy, Guard<br />Last Gasp:''' Adoring Fan will return.<br />Adoring Fan is immune to '''Silence.'''''</center>

    Notice that the text in the infobox itself uses <center>, however, not all Legends pages follow the same format. Tyr, for example, does not have the HTML tag.

    The main problem here is consistency, as we need to decide if we should have the text centered or not. Another problem is that HTML tags such as center do not need to be in data fields, to quote Flightmare on the issue. My proposal is that we remove the <center> tag from all of the Legends infoboxes, and to instead have the tag exist on the template itself, so that all text is centered, and is not in the data field. A bot can be used to find the tags and remove them as needed. Please discuss this below.

    Furthermore, it is to my attention that Flightmare has a bug relating to the Legends infoboxes, and that he will also be discussing that on this thread. Please take the time to read his post as well and respond to it. Due to the nature of two separate but related topics being discussed, I am not using the {{VotesTally}} template on this discussion at the current time.

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    • The center-tag does not belong in a data-field as it is style related and we should strive to keep content separated from presentation. I completely agree the center-tag should be removed.

      But what to do in its absence is the real thing to discuss here in my opinion. Right now some articles have a centered description in the infobox (similar to representation on the card) and some use the default alignment from the left side (wiki default). So we need a default style here: centered (card style) versus left alignment (wiki default style).

      My preference goes out to sticking with the wiki default style.

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    • I'd prefer a centered style.

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    • I'd also prefer a centered style, but that's a problem if there is less text then infobox width. So for the cleaner and consistent looking, let's stick with the wiki default style.

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    • @Rupuzioks if what you're saying is true. The default wiki style is my vote as well. 

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    • It is true, that is why I only added center tags if there is a lot of text or text is broken into at least 2 lines. But now I can see there is a consistency problem with this way. So default wiki style it is.

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    • Why was my comment removed?

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    • It was off topic and it was spam

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    • A center tag definitely belongs in a template if it's supposed to be in all of those pages. Keeping it in the infobox overall also seems like a problem, which I assume is the bug Rupuziok mentioned. I notice just in the example that it looks incredibly strange. The top line is actually off-center for some reason, and the rest of the lines that go past the width or that are under the first line are left-justified. That's a huge consistency problem and just looks bad in general.

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