• This line is a direct quote from Dylora in the Shivering Isles:

    "The Wellspring is a cynosure, a place where the Animus of lost Mazken can return to this ream from the Waters of Oblivion. The Darkness is a frightening place, even to us, and so our Lord has given us this beacon, a light to guide us back to Him."

    I feel as though this information is very revealing, by its mere implications, but little or no refrences to it are made on this wiki. From what I interperated, this line means that Daedra who enter the Void not only fear this realm, but can choose how they will reincarnate, and who to serve. The way they do so is through those cynosures, or perhaps other aid, which bring them into Oblivion again. It also causes me to think that the Waters of Oblivion, The Darkness, and the Void are just different names for the same thing. In addition, it makes me believe that Jyggalag and his forces may lurk in this realm, with Jyggalag and his priests creating Obelisks to serve as cynosures for his daedra.

    Before I dare write this anywhere, I wanted to post it here, and get other opinions and ideas.

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    • to me, this does not sound like they can reincarnate as anything. the mazken need to be guided back to sheogorath bc they can only reincarnate as mazken. jyggalag does not reside in the darkness, as he is sheogorath. it does seem plausible that his knights of order are there though.

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    • As I noted in my post regarding "Spirit of the Daedra," there is something called a clan-form, which Daedra are born using. I think that a Mazken could reincarnate as a Dremora (for example), but due to the "clan-bond" that the book describes, they would not think to come back as anything but a Mazken. I could be wrong, though.

      When I said Jyggalag, I mean in current time, after he is freed from the curse. Now he roams the "voids of Oblivion," which could either be the lesser realms that no Prince or Mistress holds, or the Void itself.

      On a side note, Jyggalag also refers to expanding his domain across the "seas of Oblivion." What could this be?

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