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    I am currently developing a mod to bring some of the abilities of Celebrimbor and gameplay mechanics from the popular Shadow or MordorĀ game series to the world of Skyrim. I am about half way done with it and now I am working on the quest line and found that I am struggling from a lore perspective to be able to work this in the game correctly. I understand that this probably doesn't make sense from a lore perspective at all but I am trying to find a way to fit in as best as I can.

    Note: This mod will probably combine a lot of LOTR lore and The Elder Scrolls lore.

    I need some help picking a character to use and the method of coming back. Any input would be greatly appreciated... now to the areas of problematique...

    First some backround criteria and rules for the mod.

    1. Has to have a reason to have their soul bound to an object that when worn you gain the abilities of this character. And it should have evidence to support this bounding. Similar to how Sauron's being is bound to the one ring. (I understand that Celebrimbor isn't bound to an object but instead merges with a dying ranger, I believe there is not a good way to basically kill the PC because of other lore conflicts that arise from having an undead PC.)

    2. Has to have a reason why he would be coming back to help out the PC in his endeavors as a ghost. In Elder Scrolls lore, a ghost is someone who has not fulfilled his or her duty in life so now must do it in death. (betrayal, oaths, divine intervention or intention.)

    3. The character can not be inherently evil or inherently good. I do not want to restrict the PC into playing a certain way just because of the path of the character that is aiding him.

    4. I would prefer the character be a mer of some sort and male, to match the character of Celebrimbor a little better. And fits the definition of a spell sword.

    Alright so here is who I have narrowed it down to so far after reading every character lore page I could find, and the reasons why they were chosen.

    • Vivec: I understand that this may upset some people so bare with me. During his final moments in Mundus, Vivec used CHIM. This opens a lot of doors for basically him to do anything, with really no consequences on lore. It was also stated somewhere that Vivec is doing what he loves most, stealing and thieving from aetherius. But after 200 years of it, he has grown bored and wishes to help the mortals of nirn again, but he cannot walk on nirn, so the PC becomes his new vessel. He comes back to finish what he once started, to stabalize the races of Tamriel. He is also mortal now but the effects of CHIM and Lorkhams heart has changed him forever, he has lost his Chimer half but has new ghostly abilities.

    • Symmachus: For those that do not know, Symmachus was a dunmer general for Tiber Septim. He was married to Barenziah where she kind of betrayed him. He fell in battle, but I can find a reason why he may be upset by his wife and his death. So he has bound his soul to his wedding band and his military abilities will be granted to those who wear his wedding band. I am not too sure what he is now looking for but it is probably related to the empire and barenziah.

    • Laloriaran Dynar: The last Ayleid King. May have worked with the mysterious dawn magic and clearly an interesting character and great militant. After being trapped in Molag Bal's rhealm for thousands of years he finally parishes. During the oblivion crisis, Aubenacco quests the hero of Kvatch to find the Dynar's crown. When Aubenacco puts it on and completes a ritual he transforms into an aspect of Dynar and becomes hostile. This is a clear canon reference to the fact that Dynar's soul is imbued in his crown. So when worn you become and merge with the ghost of Laloriaran Dynar. Again his intentions are hard to figure out. He was part of the Alessian rebellion that helped overthrow the ayleids, but was still forced out. So does he hate men, or does he hate mer. Why is he back?

    • Ryandor the Bold: Ryandor was an Altmer who is known for defending the crystal tower and is responsible for helping subside the crisis in the Summerset Isle. The thalmor however took credit for this feat. When Ryandor spoke out against it, the thalmor had him killed. This is a wonderful reason to come back and help whoever would want to kill the thalmor. This does restrict the PC somewhat. Ryandor was also a powerful mage and not quite the swordsman so there is that too. I also do not know what the item would be that he is bound to.

    • I also considered Azhidal since he was a very famous enchanter which fits Celebrimbor pretty well, but Azhidal is a nord and a dragon priest, he is also more a mage than a spell sword. He also hates elves for sacking his hometown of Saarthal. A much lower choice but still an opiton I suppose.

    I also thought of another concept where alternatively, similar to how Bethesda introduced the Vokihar vampire lords you could argue that there are other "elite" vampire types. Perhaps one of them is a "wraith vampire" with the abilities similar to that of Tallion and Celebrimbor. Having an undead ghost merge with another undead vampire may make more sense.

    I know that this is a lot to pour over and read but I think it is interesting to try to adapt the lore in this way. If anyone has any narrative advice and character advice, that would be amazing.

    Thank you & best regards

    - Jr Seriel

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    • Would this possibly be more appropriate in the Lore section instead?

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    • Nah, since this is based around the creation of a mod, it's probably better in the mod board, but honestly, it could go either way. I think you're alright.

      Excellent idea to bring in lore to the mod. I don't think many modders think to do that, so you're already a step above them in the story of your mod. Unfortunately, my lore knowledge is sub-par, so I can't help you there. Any way, good luck in your endeavors!

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    • Thank you for the input and wishes!

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