Three Questions for Baladas Demnevanni is a House Telvanni quest available at the Telvanni Council House in Sadrith Mora, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


  1. Speak with Mallam Ryon.
  2. Head to Gnisis.
  3. Return to Ryon.


The Nerevarine, having joined House Telvanni, may begin taking quests from a variety of people. One of these people, Mallam Ryon can be found in Sadrith Mora's Council House and will ask that the Nerevarine head to Gnisis in order to ask Baladas Demnevanni some questions about his research.

Dwemer KnowledgeEdit

Demnevanni's research is focused on the Dwemer, largely concerning their disappearance, artifacts and their language. Demnevanni's responses will vary depending on his disposition towards the Nerevarine. If his disposition is above 70, he will gladly inform the Nerevarine about his theories on each of the three topics. Below 70, however, will mean that Demnevanni will avoid giving an answer.

After asking the questions, the Nerevarine must return to Ryon (whether or not they got a response) to complete the quest. The Nerevarine will be rewarded with three Messenger Scrolls if they got the answers to the questions.


Three Questions for Baladas Demnevanni – HT_SpyBaladas
IDJournal Entry
1Mouth Mallam Ryon mentioned something about asking Baladas Demnevanni three questions.
  • Quest accepted
10Mouth Mallam Ryon wants me to ask Baladas Demnevanni about the disappearance of the Dwarves, Dwemer artifacts, and the Dwemer language. Mouth Mallam Ryon warned me that Baladas may not answer the questions. This is acceptable, I need only ask the questions and return.
50Baladas Demnevanni would not discuss the disappearance of the Dwarves with me.
51Baladas Demnevanni told me his own theory. He believes that the Dwemer found a way to translate the sacred from the profane and experiments in anti-creation removed them from the Mundus. The Dwemer retreated behind math, color, and the active principle.
60Baladas Demnevanni would not say anything about Dwemer artifacts.
61Baladas told me that the Dwemer created Animunculi as guards and that some of them are still active.
70Baladas Demnevanni said he did not know the Dwemer language.
71Baladas told me that no one knows or can translate the Dwemer language, but many Dwemer records and books were written in Aldmeris and can still be read by scholars.
100Mouth Mallam Ryon thanked me for asking Baladas Demnevanni the three questions.
  • Quest complete


  • Should the Nerevarine have advanced through House Telvanni to have been named Archmagister or completed the "Telvanni Hortator" quest, then they cannot obtain this quest.
    • As Ryon is Gothren's mouth, he will be removed when Gothren is removed.
  • Should the Nerevarine have a low disposition with Demnevanni when asking one of the questions, then Ryon will react negatively to all of them.

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