Through the Aftermath is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Background[edit | edit source]

The remnants of a broken siege lie outside Davon's Watch, broken by the appearance of an army of ghosts. A sergeant at the front, a Nord named Rhorlak, has asked me to decide how best to deal with the spirits.

The Chimer spirits of an ancient battlefield have been conjured to this plane of existence. The Vestige will be given the choice to kill them or try to free their souls from force that is binding them or enslave them to help defend the pact.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Furon Rii
  2. Use the Pendant on a weakened spirit
  3. Talk to Furon Rii

Part 2[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Reesa
  2. Use the Talisman on a weakened spirit

Part 3[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Sergeant Rhorlak
  2. Talk to Reesa or Furon Rii (depending on option chosen)
  3. Collect the relics of the Chimer leaders:
    • Collect General Radrathren's relic
    • Collect Captain Andrana's relic
    • Collect Captain Rysari's relic
  4. Complete the ritual

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Talk to the Sergeant, then talk to Furon. He will ask that a Smoky Pendant is used on one of the Chimer spirits, but the spirit must be weakened first. The Chimer spirit warrior under the effect of the amulet will follow you back to the camp. Talk to Furon.

Then talk to Reesa; she thinks enslaving the dead is an evil deed. Reesa will give you a talisman and ask you to use it on one of the weakened warriors, then return to her.

Next, return to Sergeant Rhorlak. Here you will have the option to enslave or free the Chimer spirits (choose Furon's or Reesa's suggestions). The option chosen will determine the next quest available:

Reesa's side[edit | edit source]

Reesa will ask you to collect three artifacts from the leaders' burial graves. Once obtained (follow the compass markers), go the nearby shrine and place the artifacts in the brazier. The main leader of the Chimer will appear. After the fight, talk to Reesa for the next quest, "Giving for the Greater Good."

Furon Rii's side[edit | edit source]

Furon will want you to collect the skulls of the three leader's burial mounds. The ritual to bind the spirits also needs to be completed in the nearby Daedric tower. After placing the skulls in the braziers, General Radrathren will appear and the fight will start. After defeating him, talk to Furon. He will say that the plan was a success, but also express his heavy regret in choosing such a torturous method. This will lead you to the quest "Wayward Son."

Reward[edit | edit source]

Journal[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry
Furon Rii and Reesa disagree on what to do with the army haunting Starved Plain. Sergeant Rhorlak asked me to start by talking to Furon Rii, to hear his plan.
  • Objective: Talk to Furon Rii
Furon Rii has a plan to bind the spirits in service. I need to use the smoky pendant on a weakened spirit, so I can test the method out.
  • Objective: Use the Pendant on a Weakened Spirit
I've bound one of the dead soldiers. I need to lead the soldier's spirit to Furon Rii.
  • Objective: Talk to Furon Rii
I've tried the plan proposed by the Rii brothers. An Argonian named Reesa tried to get my attention as I finished talking to Furon. I should see what she has to say.
  • Objective: Talk to Reesa
Reesa wants to force the spirits into the great beyond. She's asked me to use the Argonian Talisman on one of the spirits of the battlefield.
  • Objective: Use the Talisman on a Weakened Spirit
I need to tell Reesa that the Argonian Talisman was able to release the spirit.
  • Objective: Talk to Reesa
I've spoken with both Furon Rii and Reesa, and I've tried their methods. I should speak to Sergeant Rhorlak.
  • Objective: Talk to Sergeant Rhorlak
I need to decide which plan to adopt. Reesa's plan is to release the spirits, allowing them to pass into the lands beyond. Furon's plan is to bind the spirits, so they can guard the battlefield.
  • Objective: Choose Furon Rii's Plan
  • Objective: Choose Reesa's Plan
I've decided to enslave the spectral army. I must speak to Giron Rii about what I must do next.
  • Objective: Talk to Giron Rii
I've chosen Furon's plan. He suggests harnessing the spirits and binding them in services to Davon's Watch. I must gather the skulls of the spectral general and his former captains. Then Furon can perform the ritual.
  • Objective: Collect General Radrathren's Skull
  • Objective: Collect Captain Andrana's Skull
  • Objective: Collect Captain Rysari's Skull
I must meet Furon Rii at the Daedric tower. We'll perform a ritual there and confront the spirit of General Radrathren.
  • Objective: Complete the Ritual
We performed the ritual and confronted the spirit of General Radrathren. I should speak to Furon Rii once again.
  • Objective: Talk to Furon Rii
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