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Throw Voice is a dragon shout in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


When used, this Shout projects or "throws" the voice of the Dragonborn in the direction the cursor is aimed. It is very useful in distracting or moving enemies to a point designated by the Dragonborn. Hostiles will investigate the area targeted by the Shout, as long as they can hear it, and have not detected the Dragonborn (the Perk Quiet Casting can reduce detection greatly). They will move towards the targeted area and search in expanding circles around the spot until they calm down and become passive again. The Shout will also affect creatures that are already alerted, but will not fool enemies that have fully detected the Dragonborn already.

The Shout is useful when entering an area undetected. It allows the user to see how many enemies are present, by gathering them all in one place. Also, it makes sneaking into an area easier, as all enemies are gathered together, and easier to avoid than if they are spread out. The shout can also be used to lead enemies towards traps or into an ambush.


  • This shout works well for creating a distraction when sneaking around hostile characters, as the Thu'um itself is a mere whisper. Non-hostile characters do not respond to this, making it ineffective for distracting passive targets.
  • The player can use this shout on hostile characters and, combining it with Nightingale Subterfuge, will make clearing large rooms with multiple hostiles easy.
  • This Shout is very useful after the main quest. Using any of the three glitches to get back into the Thalmor Embassy and then using Throw Voice will make Elenwen appear.
  • The shout can be used to set off pressure plates and drop coal pots onto oil slicks.
  • Adding more words to this shout decreases recharge time, rather than increasing it like all other shouts.

Word Wall[]

Thu'um Dragon Language
Transliteration Translation
Throw Voice
Locations: Shearpoint
Zul, Mey, Gut WordGutMeyZul.png
Modir the Far raised (this) stone
(in his) brother's memory, Oskar
the Fool, whose voice was weak and
not (the) mighty shout of his clan.


  • It is possible to quickly sprint up to the wall in Shearpoint and obtain the Word of Power without fighting Krosis.
  • If the Dragonborn is a Khajiit, the accent of the voice will sound like that of a Khajiit, and a human-like voice for Nords, Bretons, Imperials, etc.
  • This Shout and the Storm Call shout are the only shouts to have every word wall location inhabited with a dragon priest.
  • This Shout and the Battle Fury Shout are the only two Shouts where all three words are in the same location.
  • This shout produces a series of goofy insults:
    • "Hey, troll bait!"
    • "Hey, cheese brain!"
    • "Hey, skeever butt!"
    • "Hey, slug-breath!"
    • "Hey, ugly!"
    • "Hey, melon nose!"
  • There are unused word wall texts for a single word in the game files:


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  •  PC   360   PS3   If the Dragonborn is an Argonian or an Elf, the voice that the shout makes may not be heard (it will still show up if subtitles are turned on, however).